Before the blockade order, the chairman of Huawei UK submitted his resignation

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On the occasion of the British government’s announcement to ban Huawei, the British media disclosed that the chairman of Huawei’s British board of directors John · Brown (John Browne) has submitted his resignation and will resign six months in advance.

The British”Financial Times” reported on July 14 local time that Brown, who has worked for Huawei for 5 years, will resign as chairman of the board of directors in September this year, which will expire in March 2021. The term of office was advanced by half a year. This decision is due to the ban imposed by the British government on Huawei. Neither Huawei nor Brown have responded to this news.

Britain Sky News reported that they learned that Brown had submitted his resignation a few days ago, and the news of his resignation was confirmed shortly before the British government officially announced the ban.

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Screenshot of the British Sky News report

From 1995 to 2007, John Brown was in charge of BP. In 2015, he became chairman of the board of directors of Huawei UK and the first independent chairman of Huawei UK. At that time, some foreign media believed that Huawei’s move was to show that the company was not controlled by the Chinese government, so as to dispel the”suspicion” of the outside world.

Just last week, Brown said in an interview with Reuters that Britain’s restrictions on Huawei are not conducive to Sino-British relations. He emphasized:”Sino-British relations have a long history and I don’t want the two countries’ The relationship was easily broken in this way.”

Huawei’s British spokesperson had previously highly commended Brown’s work:“With his rich experience, he has made great contributions to Huawei’s efficient management of British companies.”

Sky News said that after Brown’s resignation, Huawei’s British board of directors left three non-executive directors:Mike Rake, the former chairman of BT, and the former British Andrew Cahn, head of trade and investment, and Kenneth Olisa, former vice chairman of the British Institute of Directors.

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John Brown, video screenshot

On the afternoon of July 14, local time, the British government announced that it would ban British mobile operators from 2021. Purchase Huawei 5G equipment and exclude Huawei from the UK’s 5G equipment supply by 2027. British Minister of Culture Dawden admitted that”this is not an easy decision”, excluding Huawei will delay the construction of 5G in the UK for a year, but he insists that this is to maintain”the long-term security of the British telecommunications network.” . The United States also welcomed the British move.

British operators Vodafone and BT have previously warned British parliamentarians that they will need at least 5 years, or even 7 years, to resume the impact of giving up Huawei on the UK’s network construction, but the British government is still determined to implement the ban.

Regarding the British decision, a spokesperson for Huawei UK said that this decision was a disappointment, and unfortunately Huawei’s future development in the UK was politicized. This move stems from US trade policy, not security issues. We urge the government to reconsider this decision. Huawei is confident that the new US regulatory measures will not affect the resilience and safety of its products for the UK.

China’s ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming also said on social media that the UK has made a disappointing wrong decision on the issue of Huawei. Can the UK provide an open and fair business for other countries? And a non-discriminatory business environment has become a problem.

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