Believe it? It’s true love if I do it (very heartwarming)

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Eileen Chang once wrote a sentence so far impresses me,”among thousands of people meet you The person I want to meet, in tens of thousands of years, in the wilderness of time, has not taken a step early, nor a step late, just happened to catch up, then there is nothing else to say, only to ask gently:”Oh, are you here too? ”

What is true love, there are still many people who are still trapped by love. When I was young, I thought that the two sides could be together. Companionship, simple three meals a day, get up at work in the morning and return to work late, sitting on the sofa doing your own things without disturbing each other.

There are not many ups and downs in life, but there are still Warm embrace and holding hands that don’t let go of the seasons.

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I hope that the other party can say different things every day. Good morning and good night every day. When I open my eyes every morning, he sees that he is the last one to sleep at night.

But then one day I finally understand what is true Love, how many people in society live in illusion, the reality is cruel, and few people can meet each other who regards eachother as their only belief.

Love today is like fast food. Going fast and fast, changeable has become the norm for everyone, loyalty has become a laughing stock in the mouth.

I love you has become the most vulgar confession, turn around Fall in love with others and say that this will last forever, and you can lie in the arms of others in the next second. How many people have mistakenly paid their hearts to someone who is not worth it.

Especially many women want to go into marriage with each other for a lifetime.

But they have never seriously considered whether the man is worth it, and whether he really loves you, a man who really loves you, only then Willing to do the following things for you, women should not ignore.

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First, tolerate all your tempers and never want to get angry with you

The best love I have ever seen, not two people It’s like water, but he is willing to tolerate all your bad temper and emotions, and can’t bear to get angry with you.

It seems that such feelings will always be unequal because one person is always apologizing The one who admits wrong, but in fact this kind of happiness is more long-lasting. Love is to know all your shortcomings and still choose to stay with you.

We know how there are so many in this world The three views are the same, the love is the same, but it is just the tacit agreement produced by the accumulation of the sun and the moon.

It is said that women play with a small temper and are unreasonable to make trouble, but how can there be so many women easily Temper and emotion hang on the face and say on the mouth, it must be that you can’t do it properly.

Good boy A person is unwilling to get angry with you because he wants to turn himself into your warmest support. He wants to use love to influence you and stay with you.

Some men only care about their feelings and never understand empathy, let alone what is called tolerance and generosity. Such love is like two hedgehogs. How can love be.

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Second, introduce you to his life circle

Good love is like friendship, brother, and loved ones. You can play a variety of different roles in life.

A person who really loves you, he wants you to walk into his life circle, he is willing to announce to the world that he loves you.

Because I want to have a longer future with you, I will introduce you to his friends, his parents, and all the acquaintances around him.

He will open you up very generously, instead of choosing to hide him, hoping that all the people he knows will respect and accept you as he treats you. Those who do not want to make you public are mostly not convinced that you have a future.

A man who really wants you to be his partner will definitely want to introduce you to his life in the first place.

You also have to believe that no matter what the status of his family is, he will treat you honestly. Because good love is like that.

He hopes that you will integrate into his circle as soon as possible, and he has made plans for your whole life, so he will not be stingy, and he is also reminding everyone that he will refuse to except you. In addition to all the opposite sex, this is also the greatest sense of security for you.

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Third, willing to spend your time thinking, spending money, spending time and energy

A man who really loves you will never be reluctant to pay for his own money. Beacon play princes, Zhou Youwang in the Western Weekend year is Bo Baofei The price paid for a smile was painful, but he had no regrets.

Where does the man who really loves you care about his face and things outside, he only cares about your feelings and your emotions, and he uses actual actions to tell you his love.

A man who just says love but never reluctantly devotes himself to you, or even does not want to spend time and energy, he absolutely does not love you.

When a man always pays attention to your place, the state of your life, your preferences, and changes for them.

His affection is enough to impress you, because men do not speak much, but his every move reveals his affection for you.

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Fourth, plan about your future

The man who loves you will consider your habits, your life and your working position, and even think of your future marriage, buying a house, working, which one is more from you near.

More often, it is to accommodate you for your convenience.

Because he doesn’t want you to be aggrieved and hurt, he can’t even bear hardship. When he is in love with you, he will consider the development of both parties and will think of the future.

As Faraday said:Love is not only a synonym for friendship, but also a reliable guarantee for our struggle for a common cause. Love is a good companion in life, you and your beloved woman Sleeping in the same bed is because the common ideal binds the two hearts together.

True good love is the joint efforts of both parties, not that he is selfish to play for you and easily makes you give up work.

Nor will you lose your career because of marriage. The person who loves you is progressing with each other, he will support every decision of you and protect you unconditionally.

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Fifth, promise your things will never go wrong

I have seen too many wedding routines, the guarantees I read before marriage are all because the wedding manufacturer had to ask for it, the process is only.

The days after marriage, only you can understand in your heart, some men rarely say these life-long love words in front of women, and they will not easily promise in front of women.

Because he knows that once he agrees, he will never die.

Although the man who really loves you doesn’t say good things, he remembers every sentence you say clearly, reflecting various small details in life.

For your honest and trustworthy man, it is far more than a hundred times better than a man who talks sweetly but does not practice. Only after years can I understand that the goodness of a man is that he is willing to pay no price for you. .

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small More about:

Too many women easily lose all hope of life because they have encountered the wrong love. These are really not worth it.

Because I believe you deserve to have a better one, he just happened to be teaching you a lesson at the wrong time.

You should be grateful for his appearance, so that you have a clearer positioning and understanding of the other half.

Zhang Xiaoxian said,”Love him well, and then live a good life. It’s never humble to keep someone, but to live well and be independent. Try to be anyone. Women who want to fall in love very much.”

Women want to keep their eyes open. Those men say good things all day long, but never give up without any action Well, don’t have too much hope.

Because even if you are together, you will not have a happy ending, and you are always the humble side, but you are also a princess who is held in the palm of your hand, he cannot appreciate your goodness, Don’t try to force it again.

Women looking for men should find people who actually speak.

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