Believe it or not, these things can only be seen clearly when people have no money

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Dumas said:Do not be too put money seriously, not seriously or else the money , As much as it’s worth. Money is a good servant, but a bad master.

Our lives have been greatly improved, and there are many ways to make money, but some people are not satisfied, and indeed some people invest in the business Indebted.

Some people can’t even solve the problem of food and clothing. Without the help of parents and friends, they can only go to the bottom to find a job.

Wealth can make ghosts grind, but without money, we have even become a problem.

When you count the life circles around us, you feel that you are doing well. That’s because you are not in poverty, at least you can still have a stable job to support you.

It’s better to have a livelihood than to eat together and die.”The rich have distant relatives in the mountains, and the poor are in trouble. No one asks.” You should be thankful that now you are lucky enough not to experience the suffering of the poor.

The reality is very cruel. When you have no money, all the people around you look down on you, and you are everywhere satire.

When you don’t have money, you really understand how comfortable it is to be rich. Some people say that fairness in this world is for people with strength, but strength also includes money, and those with ability are not lacking. Money, because they can get it by strength.

If one day you encounter the setbacks and ups and downs of your life, unfortunately you will fall into a trough. Let’s see how people will feel if they don’t have money, and make preparations with money.

Of course, we hope that this day is best never to come.

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First, if people have no money, they can only see their relatives.

It is said that the young people after 90s and 90s are very inhuman. If there is no blood relationship, they will ignore it completely and do not respect the elders.

Speaking of parents of the older generation, they still feel more emotionally. At that time, the relationship between the neighbors, the villagers and various relatives was very good. The family is in difficulty. All directions are supported with a sincere heart. heart.

But there are always some relatives around him. He is selfish and self-interested in his bones. He doesn’t look at the good of others at all. When you are good, he will flatter you and take a pie next to you.

I am often ungrateful and don’t take your favors into consideration at all. If you are slightly reluctant or dissatisfied, they will be morally kidnapped.

Those who are rich like you should use resources evenly, allocate them reasonably as your relatives, and have reason to use your money for your things.

The words they say don’t even have any logic, just thinking about the interests in front of them, but not for others.

If you have no money, you will sneer and sneer, or even step back on you, this kind of person is very vanity.

In fact, when meeting such loved ones, you don’t need to treat them at all. Good loved ones are distressed for you and take the initiative to help you find solutions to problems.

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Second, people only know how to love if they have no money.

The soaring divorce rate also reflects the fact that many young people in today’s society are reluctant to take love to marriage.

This is also true. In addition to having too many scumbags and scumbags in life, few people are able to achieve the same views as themselves. Money is also one of the criteria for measuring love. Without money, you have Love can see the true face.

When you have money, you keep talking about the sweet words that love you, but you have never touched you sincerely, just thinking about how to coquettish you and use your money to buy things, these People are too poor to love rich.

If you have no money, you don’t want to leave no attachments and sympathy at all, or how long you spend with each other.

Under the circumstances that you have no money, someone is always around you, this is true love, he can accompany you through the most difficult moments of the years, can give you warmth and touch, become you The strong backing behind you is also your sad harbor.

If you really want to test the love around you, it depends on how he reacts when he has no money.

Lu Yao once said,”True love is not self-serving, but should be altruistic.” Leaving your”lover” when people are poor is not worth your while. He paid.

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Third, if people have no money, they can understand friendship

organize your circle of friends and see if you are a dog or a dog! When you are rich, everyone drinks and eats meat, sitting on the table and swearing and saying,”If you have any questions, just look for brothers, we don’t know you and me.”

Such a big talk. In reality, as soon as I heard that something happened to you, you will take the initiative to find them when you have no money. All of them have reasons and excuses.

It’s as if you have an infectious disease. Everyone is afraid of hiding from you. Friendship and love are similar. Most of you enjoy it all the time, eat and drink, but don’t experience life.

Once any interest is involved, everyone has a small abacus in mind.

If people don’t have money, they can see clearly which friends around them are just for the purpose of becoming more powerful and achieving their goals.

Shakespeare said:Friends must be in trouble together, then it can be said Is true friendship.

A good friend clearly knows that you are having a bad time, but still stays by your side and is willing to lend a helping hand.

I would rather have a bad life and want to help you. If you are in trouble, you can see wherever you are.

Meeting those friends of fox friends and dogs cut off the relationship earlier, you should know that friends are not many, but more attention should be paid to quality rather than quantity.

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Fourth, when people have no money, they are more aware of the hard work of their parents

All of your sad efforts now, and your parents have tasted it, and they still choose to survive it and give you maximum safety Sense, let you grow up happily.

Parents may not have any special achievements in their lives, but they are also always paying attention to your living conditions, especially when you have no money.

Every silver hair on your parents’ heads may have grown out of thinking because of your business. They gave you all their savings. Even if you eat bran, you can’t bear it. it is good.

The more you have no money, the more you can understand the pains of your parents and the love they have for us. In a day when we don’t know, their contribution to us far exceeds our imagination.

“No matter what reputation, status, happiness, or honor, there is nothing like staying with her mother, even if she doesn’t know a word, or even all day Eat’red’ (Note:refers to sorghum cake).”-Ji Xianlin

Treasure your parents well, no matter they are poor or rich, they should let them enjoy their old age, Those who are grateful will not fail you.

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small More about it:

Everyone’s poverty is short-lived, as long as you are willing to give and are willing to work hard, in the end, you will be rewarded in return.

During this period, all the coldness and warmth you can experience will also make you grow more. Those who can’t beat you will eventually make you stronger.

Poverty can’t let us lose our minds or morals,

As Boccaccio said:”Poverty will not destroy a person’s noble qualities, but richness will make people lose their ambitions.”

Poverty or wealth is present In our mind, poverty will stimulate our greater potential to create wealth, and don’t worry about the current lack of money.

Change yourself, adhere to self-discipline, cherish everything around you, loved ones, friends, loved ones, etc.

I believe you will succeed, and there are no poor people in this world, only poor people.

There will always be a trough in life, but as long as you get through it, it is another world. Don’t cry in the night when no one is there! Only by making yourself strong can you achieve your ambitions.

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