Benitez:We have enough experience to deal with a week’s doubles, we must have the ambition to play every game

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July 16, Beijing time At the Dalian Public Media Class, the coach Benitez was interviewed. Benitez said that the coaching staff, including himself, has enough experience to deal with a week’s doubles. Under the new season’s special format, players must have the ambition to play each game in order to overcome the fatigue caused by the intensive schedule. sense.

New seasonChinese Super League will start on July 25, the Dalians’ first match will be played on July 26 and will face Shandong Luneng. Benitez said that Dalian’s coaching staff has enough experience to face a week’s doubles. “In a special period of competition, we must definitely adapt to the rhythm. In the short term, we have to work hard as a team. Overcome difficulties. Our coaching staff has experience in dealing with a week of doubles, and we hope we can pass on the experience to the players, because our coaching staff cannot go up to play.”

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Benites said that only players with the confidence to play every game can overcome fatigue,”Of course, it’s important The point is that our players need enough professionalism, physical recovery after the game must be active, ideological determination and desire, must have the ambition to play every game, such mental preparation can help them overcome fatigue.

Benitez, and three new aids including Long Dong, returned to the team after isolation in early July, but before the start of the new season, it was left for Benitez and the team to practice together The time is about 20 days, enough for Pui Shuai to run in with the team.

The Chinese Super League in the new season, the Dalians are in Group A, In addition to the first round opponent Luneng, the same group also includes defending champions Evergrande, Suning, R&F, Shenhua, Shenzu, Jianye.