Beware of being deceived!”New Crown Relief” scam in Australia

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【Australia Net Yang Yaqiao compiled a report on July 31] Australians in difficult circumstances are recently becoming targets of scammers posing as government organizations. Regulators remind residents to be cautious when receiving mail.

The Daily Mail reported on the 30th that Australian residents were recently warned when receiving myGov emails showing that Australians can get services such as Centrelink and the Tax Office here Be cautious because this may be a scam. The email requires the recipient to”log in” to a website. The authorities stated that the poor grammar indicated that it did not come from Services Australia. Scamwatch said on social media”Twitter“:”Be careful of the latest novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic relief scam. Be careful of the links in the email, Check whether the provided government website is genuine-spelling and grammatical errors or marking errors can reveal that the website is fake.”