Biden quoted the famous saying”Women can hold up half of the sky”, Trump supporters”fried pan”:he is treasonous

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Because of the poor performance of the US epidemic and black anti-racism activities, Trump’s polls plummeted, and his approval ratings were greatly reduced. However, his old opponent Biden played steadily in this process, although he also showed a lot However, it is not as big as Trump’s problem, so Biden’s current approval rate is ahead of Trump, which has a very serious impact on Trump’s re-election.

However, in attending a large-scale digital fundraising event on the 14th, a famous quote was quoted, but it detonated the entire Western media. This sentence is:women can hold up half of the sky.

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According to Fox News, Biden is in the Q&A session When talking about the issue of women’s economic relief, he said:”We should send real economic relief to women”, and then he said:”Women can hold up half of the sky.” After all this was said, Biden said that after the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the US financial industry was severely hit, and it also had a very serious impact on women. Moreover, this is also the first time that the economic crisis has hit women-dominated industries.

There is nothing wrong with this sentence, but now that the relationship between China and the United States is tense, the sentence quoted by Biden is too”sensitive”. So many Trump supporters have said that Biden is treasonous, and even called him”Chinese Joe”.

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The contradiction between Biden and Trump is not two God, every time Trump’s suggestion is met with cynicism from Biden. Similarly, Trump will express his contempt for Biden’s approach.

For example, Biden believes that when Trump mentions climate change, he can only promote this scam, but when he mentions climate change, he thinks about jobs and opportunities.

Biden said that he proposed a $2 trillion plan, which aims to promote economic energy and rebuild infrastructure. In this plan, the United States will reduce the carbon emissions of electricity to zero within 15 years.

Biden hopes that by 2035, the United States will be able to produce 100%clean electricity, and this plan will create millions of jobs. Biden believes that this can provide a large number of jobs for people unemployed due to the new crown virus, is a two-for-one thing.

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However, after Biden became a Democratic candidate, the Democratic Party The activists inside pressured him frequently, demanding that he should pay more attention to climate issues. According to the plans proposed by Biden, if he can serve as president, he will spend more than $2 trillion in his first term.

This plan will also promote the development of the US automotive industry by encouraging manufacturers to produce zero-emission electric vehicles. At the same time, Biden also hopes that 40%of clean energy expenditures can be spent on disadvantaged communities to improve their lives.

After Biden made this proposal, it was indeed approved by many people, but the two Republican congressmen in Louisiana and Pennsylvania did not agree with Biden’s approach.

In their view, this plan has no benefits other than revitalizing the economy, and countless high-paying jobs will be cancelled. For low- and middle-income families, their electricity bills will be more expensive.

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Before the outbreak, Americans actually believed that environmental governance It should be the country’s top priority, but after the outbreak of the new crown, people’s focus shifted to the high unemployment rate in the country and the medical care related to the new crown virus.

However, a staff member of the Washington Petroleum Trade Association said that the new energy plan proposed by Biden will have a very serious impact on the US oil and gas industry. American companies will go to meet environmental standards. Looking for new energy industries abroad. The president of the association believes that if the United States does not have the natural gas and oil industries, then the risk may only be more serious.

Trump also criticized Biden. His practice has always been unfavorable to the entire United States, and accused Biden of giving gifts to other countries throughout his political career.

But Biden said:The people who spoke in the rose garden were simply not worthy of being president. His poor actions during the epidemic should make him give up his campaign, but he didn’t know it.