Bolt or comeback for the Tokyo Olympics:only one call for the coach

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Information map:Bolt celebrates after winning.

Zhongxin.com client July 16th According to foreign media reports, Jamaican sprinter Bolt has recently expressed his idea of ​​comeback. He said in an interview:”If my coach calls me back (return), I will not hesitate to do so. Because I believe in him. As long as Glen Mills makes a phone call, I will return.”

Bolter, nicknamed”Lightning”, has participated in 3 Olympic Games and won 8 Olympic gold medals, of which men’s 100m and 200m singles have achieved three consecutive Olympic titles. In the 2017 World Championships, he announced his retirement after winning the bronze medal in the 100m trapeze battle.

After retiring, Bolt once tried to transform and become a football player. He went to the Australian Football Super League for trial training and scored goals in the game, but ultimately failed to sign the contract. In the case of unsuccessful transformation, Bolt may be trying to return to the track and field, impacting the fourth Olympics.

According to previous reports, in May this year, Bolt ushered in the birth of his daughter, this is his first child with his girlfriend Bennett. For the new identity, Bolt said frankly:”It is more difficult to be a father than to break the world record.” Currently, Bolt is learning how to become a better father. (End)