Britain plans to urge companies to push employees back to work next week

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On July 9th, in Manchester, the United Kingdom, people were cycling on bicycle lanes. (Posted by Xinhua News Agency, photo by Jon Huper)

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 12th (Reporter Du Juan) The British”Daily Mail” reported on the 11th, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intends to urge companies to ask employees to return to work next week to boost the economy and mitigate the impact of the new crown epidemic.

Reports that Johnson previously asked senior civil servants to return to work to”set an example”. He once asked companies such as Goldman Sachs to let as many employees as possible end their home office. The Prime Minister is scheduled to announce this decision when he reports on the progress of the British epidemic next week.

“I want people to return to work as carefully as possible,” Johnson said on the 10th.”Now people should return to work, which is very important. I think everyone (previously) adopted”stay at home” (Recommendation), now we should say’everyone should return to work’.”

The United Kingdom began to”close the city” in the country in late March and implemented house orders, non-essential necessities stores closed, a large number of factories closed, Commercial activities dropped sharply, and “unblocking” began in May. The National Bureau of Statistics said that the British economy has shrunk by 25%in March and April.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Richie Sunak said on the 8th that the government will give rewards to companies that promote employees to return to work.