British 3-year-old boy was”paralyzed” by a snake bite in a park

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According to the British”Mirror” report, three-year-old Lewis Wise went to country park with his family on Sunday At a picnic, he was”paralyzed” when he was attacked by a poisonous snake while looking for toys. His father, Daniel, immediately issued warnings to other parents about the poisonous snake, and said that this terrible incident made his son”extremely painful.” Swollen and green. Daniel actually likes to study snakes. He is worried that as the epidemic eases, people will be hurt by snakes when they go out to play in the park. Dad Daniel said that his son was looking for toys on the grass. A few seconds later, he heard a”loud scream” from his son. Lewis was bitten by a viper hidden in the leaves. Daniel said:”We guessed that he might have stepped on the snake inadvertently and was bitten instantly. We immediately sent him to the hospital, and the doctor injected him with three bottles of Anti-snake venom serum, Lewis is currently taking morphine, but I don’t know how long he will stay in the hospital. Lewis may still need surgery and physiotherapy to help him resume walking. He is really brave, but He can’t move now. Many people think that the viper is not so terrible, but you will know if you are bitten.” Daniel, who likes to raise snakes, said that the viper is the only viper in Britain. He said that this kind of snake is cold-blooded and usually basks in the sun for energy. But this kind of snake is very disguised and difficult to find. According to statistics from relevant agencies, 50 to 100 people in the UK are bitten by this viper every year. However, deaths caused by bites are relatively rare. Since 1876, there have been only 14 fatal cases, the most recent one was in 1975. Daniel reminds parents to be careful when they go to the park, and hopes that relevant departments will post warning signs about vipers in the park.”There are no warning signs in these country parks, and children are playing around, which is really dangerous. Parents need to be vigilant at all times.” (Compiled and reported by China Youth Network)

Source:China Youth Network