British media:Chelsea is willing to sell Jorginho to raise Rice’s transfer fee

By yqqlm yqqlm

Football Insider reported that Chelsea hopes to raise Rice’s transfer fee by selling Jorginho.

The news pointed out that Chelsea regards Rice as its important transfer goal, and Rice can effectively improve the strength of Chelsea in the midfield and backcourt.

However, an inside source from Chelsea told Football Insider that West Ham’s bid for Rice is high. In order to meet its asking price, Chelsea may have to sell a first-team star to raise funds for the transfer. .

It is reported that the player Chelsea is willing to sell is Jorginho, and the Blues will listen to offers from other teams for the Italian international. If Rice joins the team, he can play in the midfield and replace Jorginho.

After the rematch, Jorginho was not reused by Lampard, the team 0-3 did not The match against Sheffield United was Jorginho’s first start after the rematch, but his performance was unbelievable.