British officials:replacing Huawei equipment will cost billions of pounds

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On the 14th local time, the British government announced that for the sake of”national security”, the UK will stop purchasing Huawei 5G equipment from the end of this year; by 2027, the UK will stop using all Huawei 5G equipment.

The British Minister of Culture Oliver Dawden said on the 14th that if Huawei’s market share in the UK is to be reduced to zero by 2027, the UK’s 5G construction plan will be delayed for 2 to 3 years and replaced The cost of Huawei equipment is at least 2 billion pounds.

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△British “Independent News”:Britain will ban Huawei from participating in 5G construction

“Huawei’s future development in the UK is politicized”

In January this year, the United Kingdom allowed Huawei to participate in the construction of 5G networks in the United Kingdom to a limited extent.”New York Times” reported on the 14th that since January, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has faced increasing political pressure; in May, the United States imposed new sanctions on Huawei. Regarding the new policy of the British government, many foreign media said that, within half a year, the British government’s attitude has shown a”180 degree turn”.

Huawei UK company spokesman Edward Brewster expressed disappointment with the British government’s decision. Brewster said that this is bad news for all UK mobile phone users. This may cause the UK to fall into the slow lane of digital development, increase consumer communication expenses, and deepen the digital divide. Brewster also said that Huawei’s future development in the UK has been politicized. The UK’s move was influenced by US trade policies, not security issues.

Brewster said the move would reduce the level of development in the UK. They will urge the British government to reconsider this decision.

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△Huawei’s UK headquarters (Source:CNBC)

British telecommunications industry:disappointed with this

From a technical perspective See, removing Huawei equipment is not easy. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) quoted Howard Watson, the director of the British Telecom’s technical information department, on the 10th as saying that, assuming that Huawei’s equipment is completely removed in a short period of time, users in the entire country using 4G, 2G and 5G networks will not receive To the signal. Because the equipment removal work requires a series of operations such as calling cranes, replacing utility poles, and updating base stations, carrying out this work in a short time requires shutting down telecommunications networks in many places at the same time.

The US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) reported on the 14th that the British government’s decision will inevitably have an impact on the British telecommunications industry operators. The three major mobile network operators in the UK, EE (owned by British Telecom), Vodafone (Vodafone) and Three have all deployed 5G in their networks. Executives from BT and Vodafone said last week that it would take at least five years to replace Huawei equipment deployed in their networks with equipment from other manufacturers.

Before, BT CEO Philip Jensen said in an interview with BBC Four that Huawei has been in the BT infrastructure for 20 years. The main supplier of the operator, it is impossible to completely remove Huawei equipment from the British Telecom infrastructure in the next 10 years. Rejecting Huawei will put the services of 24 million British Telecom users in uncertainty, which may lead to security risks and user anger. .

On the 14th, after the British government announced the new decision, Philip Jensen said again:”Obviously, this will have an impact on the business coordination and cost of the British telecom operators.” A spokesperson for Vodafone Also said:”We are disappointed because this will further slow down the pace of 5G launch in the UK and will bring additional costs to the industry.”

“The UK made a disappointing and Wrong decision”

On July 15, Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming responded on Twitter that the United Kingdom made a disappointing and wrong decision. It is questionable whether the UK can provide an open, fair and non-discriminatory business environment for companies in other countries.

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The New York Times quoted Nigel Inkster, a senior consultant of the London Institute for International Strategy, on the 14th as saying that if the West isolates China economically, it may cause serious problems. Consequences:”(Western countries) need to seriously think about whether it is really feasible to decouple from China in these areas.”

According to the Belgian media”Standard” (De Standaard) reported on the 14th local time, Belgian National Telecom Minister of the Philippines Philippe de Barker recently said that Belgium will not shut out Huawei China. It is reported that, like other European countries, Belgium is under pressure from the United States to ban Huawei. U.S. national security adviser O’Brien plans to visit several European countries this week and will further pressure these countries on this issue.

(Source:CCTV News)