British scholar Martin Jacques:leaving China, Britain has no future

By yqqlm yqqlm

On the 14th local time, after the British government announced that local telecommunications operators must completely remove Huawei’s equipment from their home country’s 5G network within the prescribed period, British scholars Martin Jacques criticized the government’s decision on social media.

He said that the United Kingdom has lost its sanity, and now rejecting Huawei, the world’s most innovative company and the 5G technology that is crucial to us, is the country’s self-harm and will cost us 5 The price to 10 years.”Whose order is this?” Martin Jacques said. This is the order of the worst president in American history. He is busy destroying the future of Americans. The parliamentary conservative party influenced by the right-wing group always lives in the past and has no idea of ​​the future. The British will never forgive them. Now the ruling party wants to form an anti-China alliance, Europe will not follow, they are leading the country into the irreversible decline of the country. By 2030, China’s economy will account for 30%of global GDP. China is an important player in the global economy, especially in the future. After leaving China, Britain has no future. (Reporter Chen Minglei of the main station)

Source:CCTV News Client