British universities worry about Chinese students cancelling their study plans

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British universities worry about Chinese students cancelling their study plans

China News Agency, London, July 16th (Cui Hanting, Zhang Ping) UK University Research Institute released a report on the 15th, UK universities There is general concern that Chinese students have cancelled the autumn course plan due to the new coronavirus epidemic, causing British universities to face huge economic losses.

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Information:citizens submit visa-related materials at the British Visa Application Center in Beijing. China News Agency reporter Hou Yushe

A research report released by the British Institute for Higher Education Policy (HEPI) on the same day showed that the number of Chinese students studying abroad may be greatly reduced from the current 120,000.”Optimistic” estimates It is a 12%drop. British universities will reduce 460 million pounds of funding income. The pessimistic result is that 61%of Chinese students will cancel courses. British universities will reduce their income by 2.3 billion pounds and face huge economic losses.

Studies report that the overseas tuition fees paid by British universities are higher than that of domestic students. Chinese students are the largest group of overseas students in British universities, accounting for a maximum of 35%. The annual tuition and accommodation fees, etc. The cost is about 4 billion pounds.

Researcher Dr. Miguel Antonio Lin said,”Social media has been widely reported that many British people do not follow the’social distance guide’ and don’t wear masks in public”, Chinese students and parents are”shocked by the number of deaths from the UK epidemic. The UK is one of the most deadly countries in the world.”

The research report said that most parents of Chinese students have repeatedly emphasized that epidemic prevention is their top priority now.

“Parents are understandable about their children’s safety.” Miguel Antonio Lin believes,”For many Chinese students, living and studying abroad will be a rare opportunity in life, but at present , They are worried about their safety and the quality of their learning experience.”

Vivienne Stern, the director of the International College of the British University, is worried.”We don’t even know that there will be next fall. How many Chinese students come here”,”If the economy experiences a severe downturn, it will have a very serious impact on university finances.”

Nick Hillman, director of the British Higher Education Policy Research Institute, said that British universities have become economically dependent on Chinese students,”If they do not come again, the bottom line of funding for British universities will be difficult to maintain , This will be the worst case.” (End)