Can be re-elected until 2036! Putin wants to be president for life?

By ddzyx

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Putin (right) after showing his passport to the staff at a polling station in Moscow on Wednesday, Cast a vote for the constitutional referendum. (Agence France-Presse)

(Moscow General News) Russia’s constitutional referendum ended on Wednesday. According to more than 98%of the votes counted, more than 78%of voters supported the constitutional amendment and agreed to the presidentPutin can run for two more presidential elections until 2036.

According to Russia’s existing constitution, a person can only be elected two consecutive presidents, which prevents Putin from continuing to participate in the next presidential election.

However, according to the constitutional amendment that just ended the referendum, once the constitution is finally amended, Putin, now 67, has the right to participate in the 2024 presidential election and will be re-elected until 2036 when he is elected. 83 years old.

Putin’s term of office, which has been in power for 20 years, will end in 2024, and this referendum on constitutional amendment paves the way for his continued administration. Opposition members criticized Putin for trying to become a lifelong president, but Putin denied it.

Russian opposition leader Navarni described the referendum as a”big lie”, failing to reflect real public opinion. He posted a video shouting to supporters, stating that they must protest through the streets. He said:”We will never admit this result… Putin’s greatest fear is street demonstrations. He will not leave unless we have thousands or even millions of people starting to take to the streets.”

But he said that because the coronary disease epidemic is still severe, it is not the time for demonstrations; the opposition is expected to organize demonstrations only when local elections are held in the fall.

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Russia’s coronary disease is still severe, the picture shows the empty streets of Moscow . (Reuters)

Other critics pointed out that this referendum on constitutional amendments lacks transparency, has not received due independent review, and the new constitution has been Start selling in Russian bookstores. In this regard, the chairman of the Russian Central Election Commission, Pamfilova, said that the voting process is transparent, and officials of the Election Committee have done everything they can to ensure that the voting results are fair.

According to the statistics of the Election Committee, the referendum turned out to be 65%, of which 78%of voters supported the amendment and 21%voted against it.

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Statistical results show that 78.04%of Russian voters voted for the amendment , 21.15%opposed. (Agence France-Presse)

In addition to lifting the term limits of the president, the amendments to the constitution also include changing the authority of the prime minister and the parliament and forming the government New regulations, a permanent parliamentary system, prohibiting senior officials from holding dual nationality or long-term residence permits abroad, raising pensions, setting minimum wages, etc. The electorate’s options are only to support or oppose the amendment.

Elector Liu Demira admitted that he did not read all the amendments to the constitution.”They have already decided, what is the point of voting? What is the meaning of our country, showing you something, and then asking you to vote. I will come to vote.”

The original referendum on the Russian Constitution Amendment It is scheduled to be held on April 22, but affected by the coronary disease epidemic, it was postponed until June 25 and ended on July 1 for a week.

Analysis said that Putin is facing a decline in public opinion support, because the Russian economy is struggling under the influence of the pandemic and the collapse of oil prices. After the referendum, Putin will face the worst economic recession since leading the country out of his tenure.