Can Kaisailu smear his face, wrinkle, whiten and freckle?

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Since last year, there has been a legend that Kaiser is a”beauty artifact”.

Whatever wrinkle removal, whitening, and freckle removal is not a problem, Kasailuo was blown into the sky for a while.

Kaiser is really so powerful?

I don’t believe it.

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The main ingredient in Kaiser is glycerin.

Everyone should be familiar with glycerin. It is often used as a moisturizer in skin care products to prevent dry skin.

The concentration of glycerin in skin care products is generally 10%~20%, which is the best glycerin concentration for skin care; the concentration of glycerin in Kesailu is about 50%.

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Long-term application of Kaisailu to the face may lead to Problems such as acne and skin aging.

Glycerin has a relatively large molecular weight and cannot be absorbed by the skin. It is greasy and easily clogs the pores of the skin. Moreover, glycerin has a relatively strong adsorption, which may adsorb harmful substances such as dust and PM₂.₅ in the air, accelerating the skin’s Ageing.

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There is no melanin-lightening ingredient in Kaisailu. Whitening.

Moreover, it is not suitable for facial use at all.

The Kaisai Lo contains high concentrations of glycerin. Some people are allergic to glycerin. After applying Kailuo on the face, skin allergies such as redness and itching may occur.

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If you want to whiten and remove freckles, try to keep your skin moisturized Work, pay attention to applying sunscreen, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, add a lot of vitamins, and prevent melanin from depositing on your face.

If you are particularly concerned about skin problems, it is best to go to a regular hospital and find a professional doctor for corresponding treatment, do not listen to online beauty remedies.

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Kaisailu is an anal suppository preparation, it The real role of easing constipation.

Glycerin, the main component of Kaisailu, lubricates and stimulates the rectal intestinal wall and promotes the excretion of stool.

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Adults use 1 to 2 bottles each time, and infants and young children use half a tube each time.


People’s anus and rectum are more sensitive. When squeezing the capsaicin in, it will easily cause strong bowel reflex; However, in order to fully soften the stool, it is best to endure for five minutes before bowel movements.

⚠️️ Kaisailu can only be used when excrement is held in the anus and is extremely painful.

Long-term reliance on causal defecation may result in dry bowel wall and weakened bowel reflex, leading to habitual constipation To make bowel movements more difficult.

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