Canadian girl trapped in Syrian refugee camp without help, relatives sue government

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Amila (Source:Getty)

Overseas Network July 15thAccording to Canada’s CTV News 》Reported on July 14, local time, a Canadian 5-year-old girl Amira was trapped in Syria. Her relatives spent nearly a year trying to bring her back to Canada, but they did not receive government help. The government filed a lawsuit.

Attorney Lawrence Greenspon filed an application with the Federal Court on July 14, local time, and asked why the Canadian government would not help Amira return, and thousands of Canadians were repatriated. Why not repatriate Amira. Her family believes that the Canadian government failed to provide Amira with emergency travel documents, nor did it formally request the Syrian local government to repatriate her, and refused to send representatives to assist in achieving this goal, which violated her rights as a citizen.

The court documents pointed out that Amira’s uncle went to Syria alone without any protection. He not only met Amira in the refugee camp, but also saw government officials there. These officials Agree that once Canada gives Amilla a green light, she is allowed to leave. Greenspen said that Amira’s family is doing everything possible to find a group that can help Amila return home.

In 2019, Amira was found on the roadside after her parents and siblings were killed by air strikes, and was then taken to a refugee camp. Her uncle Ibrahim had always wanted her to return to Canada to reunite with her loved ones, but the Canadian government refused to help. Amila is currently being taken care of by a non-governmental organization working in a refugee camp located in an area controlled by Kurdish forces in Syria. Amila is one of 47 Canadians trapped in northeastern Syria, 26 of whom are children. Greenspen said the case could pave the way for them to return home,”The Autonomous Government of Northeast Syria”(AANES) has urged countries to repatriate their citizens.

On June 29, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Justin Trudeau) was asked why the federal government No more measures were taken to allow Canadians to leave Syria. Trudeau said that although some countries have diplomats in Syria, Canada is not among them, and there is still a dangerous place, especially It was in the case of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. (Overseas Network-Canada-Zhu Fengjie Gao Ning)

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