Canadian officials:US-Canada border closed at least until August 21

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Source:Overseas Network

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U.S.-Canada Border (Getty)

Overseas Network, July 15thTwo Canadian government sources said that the United States The border with Canada is expected to be closed at least until August 21, and the ban on unnecessary cross-border travel between the two countries will also be extended for another month.

According to CNN, these expanded restrictions will involve strengthening law enforcement and surveillance on most of Canada’s land borders in the coming weeks. The source requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

According to the agreement between the two parties, since March, the US-Canada border has been closed to all non-essential traffic. A public opinion survey shows that as the epidemic is getting worse in the United States, Canadians are not eager to reopen. The Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is expected to formally announce this decision later this week.

Trudeau said at a press conference on the 13th:”We recognize that the situation in the United States is still very complex with regard to the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic. At present, we are negotiating with the United States from the next The deadline for closing the border is still one week away. We will continue to work hard to ensure the safety of Canadians and maintain our economic flow.” (Overseas Network-United States-Qiao Shanshan/Intern Compilation Li Kaiyan)

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