Canadian Parliament begins hearing of Trudeau cabinet members

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Source:CCTV News Client

The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives of the Canadian Parliament will meet the True on the afternoon of the 16th local time Different, inclusive and youth minister Bardish Chagger (Bardish Chagger) conducted a hearing to formally start an investigation into the relationship between the Trudeau government and”us” charities.

Last week, the Finance Committee decided to hold four meetings and hearings of up to three hours each month this month, and gave the Trudeau government exclusive “C” $912 million contract Investigation.

According to this motion, Secretary of the Privy Council Ian Shugart, Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth Chu Xuange, Senior Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Development, and the Canadian Volunteer Organization’s Delegates were asked by the committee to participate in the hearing. The committee will also conduct a hearing of Paula Speevak, chairman and chief executive of the Canadian Volunteer Organization.

At present, around this case, the Trudeau government is undergoing two investigations. Trudeau himself is subject to the investigation of the ethics commissioner Mario Dion and the House of Representatives Finance Committee. Dion is still considering whether to deal with Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Trudeau’s main Katie Telford, the aide and director of the prime minister’s office, launched an investigation, and the decision will be made within this week.

In addition, including the Conservative Party, it is also calling on the police to initiate a criminal investigation into the case. The police have not decided whether to accept this request.

(Headquarters reporter Zhang Sen)