Can’t hide it, this is the real data of the United States

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Last weekend, the number of new crown cases in the United States continued to surge, and the adverse factors facing the market continued to magnify. Florida reported more than 15,000 new cases within 24 hours, setting a record of new cases in a single state, exceeding New York State hit a high in April.

The epidemic disrupted the American economy and brought many aspects of American social life to a standstill. Earlier, many states reopened despite the advice of public health experts and restarted to get rid of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, but it led to a surge in newly diagnosed cases.

This time the United States cannot hide. Real data on the epidemic in the United States. Exposing the”true” strength of the United States?

The latest data shows that with the spread of the epidemic, consumers may not be prepared to return to the level of expenditure before the epidemic. It should be understood that both consumer income and expenditure benefit from financial support and efforts to restart the economy, but both are facing new pressures. This uncertainty may be the cause of the recent deterioration in consumer confidence, which is a key factor in the economic outlook.

Bloomberg Economics focuses on 14 indicators to track the US economy’s recession and eventual recovery Happening.

These indicators include unemployment relief applications, mortgage applications, and the S&P 500 index. Most indicators improved after a record plunge.

However, as the number of cases in the United States has surged, other indicators have deteriorated

The new crown epidemic has caused a huge impact on the US labor market. The number of people applying for unemployment relief for the first time has exceeded 100 for 16 consecutive weeks Ten thousand people, showing that a large number of Americans still lose their jobs in the context of the economic restart. Among them, unemployment was the most serious in March and April.

On July 12 (last Sunday), market analyst Jeffry Bartash wrote that a new round of outbreaks in the United States has caused the momentum of its economic recovery to subside, especially in retail and catering industry.

At the same time, the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits has also skyrocketed. Another expert warned that this summer alone, due to the inability to pay rent or mortgages, about 28 million people in the United States will face the dilemma of being ousted and homeless by landlords.

One month after the outbreak of the United States, control began. There was no protective measures before.

U.S. Dallas Federal Reserve Chairman Kaplan said last Friday (July 10) to ensure the U.S. economy is faster The key to recovery is wearing masks to slow the spread of New Crown Virus Kaplan reiterated that the US economy may shrink by 4.5%-5%by 2020 , Even after his expected economic growth in the third and fourth quarters. He also said that he was not surprised by the unexpected decline in US producer prices last month because of the high unemployment rate and idle production capacity.