Can’t paint blush? These 4 blush paintings are age-reducing and refreshing, so you don’t have to worry about being beaten

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As we all know, in order to make a delicate makeup look more complex, in addition to the lipstick, blush is also a crucial step. If lipstick is an indispensable product in a cosmetic bag, then blush is a tool to enhance the appearance and modify the face.

If the blush is painted, you will be transformed into a vital little fairy in minutes, so that you can take your little fairy’s temperament to the next level, so choose Proper blush application is essential.

Apple Muscle blush:

This is the most common blush painting method. Basically, it does not pick the face shape. It is the best way to enhance the complexion. This blush painting method is to hit the blush on the upper part of the apple muscle, it can appear that the apple muscle is fuller, looks more energetic girl, and the age reduction effect is 100%, Whether it is work or school, it is a must-have blush painting method, which has a wide range of applications and is an indispensable blush painting method.

Repairing blush:

This blush painting method believes that little fairies are not unfamiliar, and often appear in European and American makeup, so it is more suitable for European and American style fairies .

Just like the name of this blush, yes, this blush painting method can also be used as a small range of trimming and oblique to hit the turning point of the highest point of the cheekbone, It is very effective to make the face more compact and delicate. If you accidentally use makeup products, your makeup will look dirty. This blush painting method can completely omit the makeup, it will visually narrow the width of the entire face, and it will be more three-dimensional, super thin face!

for now Blush:

This blush painting method is painted under the eyes and above the cheekbones. In the range between this, a large area of ​​the blush brush should be swept horizontally. Remember It takes a small amount and many times to create a layered sense of blush. Be careful not to play too much. A reasonable control of the amount of blush is the foundation of a perfect blush. This blush gives a good look and is very young, no matter what type of face is suitable.

But It is recommended that babies whose temples are a little sunken do not try easily, it may appear that the temples are more concave.

After learning how to draw blush , Plus a good blush can create a beautiful temperament, what kind of blush is suitable for yourself?

Blush has a distinction between solid, paste and liquid, but now most of them are mainly solid, which is convenient to carry and easy to operate. You can choose to have waterproof and waterproof in summer Sweaty blush, not easy to dizzy makeup.

White skin is more willful, Most colors are suitable, warm white skin is more suitable for peach powder, coral powder and apricot orange are very beautiful.

Yellow skin is more suitable for warm colors, softer colors such as orange are very suitable, avoid too pink and bright colors, it will make you darker.

If the skin color is darker, such as wheat skin color or chocolate color, you can try the plum color, the fusion of this color and skin will be better, more advanced, black pearl is Me.

Finally recommend a good blush for everyone, SUIKONE Sukarna blush, this one is a blush high gloss integrated plate, one side is blush and the other side is high gloss, you don’t need to mix it yourself, each plate is matched The most suitable blush + highlight combination.

The most suitable color of orange powder, with multiple choices of micro-gradation, mixing them together is simply a perfect combination. And the powder is very delicate, not flying at all, with a slight pearlescent super vitality, and the texture is very smooth and light, easy to color.

The appearance is also very advanced, anytime There is no awkward feeling when you take it out. The size is very suitable for carrying. The most important thing is that it is waterproof and sweat-proof, so it will not make you dizzy, and the price is very high.

Now only 58.8, you can create a moisturizing powder skin, you can use this opportunity to store two boxes, you can also send your girlfriends to use together On the way to drawing blush, you still need to practice more to draw more and more natural blush.

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