Chengdu Football Association Vice President Tan Jiantao:together with Lyon decided to let him go to France

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Live broadcast on July 16th In an interview with the”Football News”, full-time vice chairman of the Chengdu Football Association, Liu Gang, introduced the recent situation of the national youth goalkeeper Jian Tao who joined the French-Cypriot Liberty City Beaujolais.

——How did you find out Jian Tao?

In 2013, we found him in a football match on the campus football in Sichuan Province, and then he was selected to the U13 team of our Chengdu Football Association and has been systematically trained by us. He entered the national junior team when he was 15 years old, and then was selected to the national youth team.

——What do you think of him joining the Free City Beaujolais?

In 2018, through cooperation with the Chengdu Football Association, Jiantao began to receive training in Lyon. As a result, Jiantao performed well. That year, he trained twice in Lyon. In 2019, After officially signing the contract with Lyon, and after more than a year, considering the development of Jiantao, we and the Lyon Club made a decision to join Jiantao to join the satellite club Liberty Beaujolais of Lyon’s satellite club.

——Expectation for Jiantao

Jiantao has a very good advantage, that is, strong adaptability And his communication skills are also very good, plus he has been working very hard, we also believe that he will have a good future.

——Introduce the cooperation between the Chengdu Football Association and the French club

The Chengdu Football Association cooperates with the French club all the year round, and it will be in 2002 Metz cooperation. In 2004, Zhang Chiming and Wang Chu they came to Metz to train and compete, and they have been with Lyon for the past ten years , Vannes club cooperation, and Lyon has been cooperating since 2013, Zhang Xiuwei went to Lyon, Wang Hao, Yu Junwei and other players went to Vannes in 2016, so many years, there have been There are dozens of people, and hundreds of people have gone to France to compete and exchange.