China and the United States are competing for the international military drone market, and Chinese drones are”attractive”

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The Spanish global website published an article by Ivan Jimenez on July 13th, claiming to be in the world of military drones, China is becoming the main competitor of the United States. This year, the Trump administration has begun to take measures to reinterpret the Missile Technology Control Agreement. This move is largely to “recover lost land” in countries that choose to purchase Chinese drones. The article is excerpted as follows:People have become accustomed to news that U.S. drones are fighting members of armed groups. The names of American-made attacking drones such as MQ-9″Reaper” and MQ-1″Predator” have long been known to the public in international news. But in fact,

Let’s take a look at the specific case. The debut of Chinese drones on overseas battlefields dates back to 2015, and Iraq has been the dominant UAV in the United States. At that time, the Baghdad government used Chinese drones to attack the”Islamic State” position in the north of the country.

The use of Chinese drones by countries such as the UAE and Iraq is not rumored. This was interpreted as a change in the international military drone market. Enrique Luhan, a professor of political science at the University of Barcelona, ​​pointed out that before the emergence of Chinese drones, the export of military drones has been”led by the United States and Israel.” According to the export data of military drones provided by the US Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS),

Lu Han pointed out that since the late 1990s, China’s weapons industry has begun a modernization process. This is the first reason for the rapid development of Chinese drone development. He said:”The weapons and equipment exported by China are technically as reliable as those of Western countries.”

Profile picture:US Air Force MQ-9″Death” attack drone flying with bombs. (US Air Force official website)

The export”king” of Chinese military drones is CH-5 (“Rainbow”-5) type. It is a strong contender for the U.S. MQ-9″Reaper” and the Israeli”Heron” TP drone.

According to CSIS data, the price of CH-5 is about 8 million US dollars, which is only half of the US”Reaper” drone. Therefore, although the technical indicators of Chinese drones are slightly lower, the excellent price-performance ratio makes Chinese products an attractive option for foreign military procurement.

Before China began to emerge in the international drone market, the United States and Israel have been reluctant to sell their military potential drone products to countries because they are worried that political turmoil in some countries will lead to U.S. or Israeli drone systems fall into the hands of potential enemies.

One of the countries that the United States refused to export was Iraq. It was in 2015 that Baghdad turned to Beijing and purchased three CH-4Bs (Rainbow-4B, models before”Rainbow”-5).

Profile picture:China’s”Rainbow”-5 attack type drone. (U.S. Yahoo News website)

In addition to some doubts about potential allies, compared with other military equipment, the United States has also been more restricted in the export of drones. The Missile Technology Control Agreement restricts the export of US drones in terms of range and load.

China’s strength in this market has prompted Washington to consider changing its concept of exporting military drones.

This year, the Trump administration has begun to take measures to reinterpret the Missile Technology Control Agreement. This move is largely to”recover lost ground” in countries that choose to buy Chinese drones.

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