China announced sanctions against US arms dealers! Lockheed Martin responds:it’s none of our business

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R&D and productionF-22, F-35, F-16 and other international top arms dealers of famous fightersLockheed Martin It will be unfavorable in 2020. On July 13, an F-16 of the US military crashed. Over the past two months or so, the F-22, F-35, and F-16 that they sold to the US military crashed one after another. Then, on July 14, China announced its decision to sanction Lockheed Martin.

In addition to producing fighter jets, Lockheed Martin, based in Maryland, USA, also includes military supplies such as missiles, transport planes, reconnaissance planes, and radars.

According to previously published statistics, more than 70%of its operating income comes from the US Department of Defense, and partly from other US federal agencies and the military of other countries.

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Given the United States embargo on China’s arms and equipment embargo for decades Lockheed Martin has almost no direct sales relationship with China, but for many years, they have been illegally selling weapons to Taiwan Province of China, which is the reason for this sanction.

However, this also makes many military observers curious, what specific measures will China take to sanction Lockheed Martin? At present, the official has not officially disclosed how to sanction.

Military observers point out that in terms of sales to Lockheed Martin, sanctions cannot be achieved because there is no direct legal sales transaction. However, it is forbidden for affiliated companies to provide Lockheed Martin with spare parts, or parts and raw materials purchased from Chinese companies are prohibited from trading with Lockheed Martin. Such sanctions may have a significant impact on the company.

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Analysis said that Lockheed Martin is currently producing F-35 The supply of rare-earth strategic raw materials necessary for fighter jets may be limited. China, as the world’s largest provider of rare earth deep-processing products, has a global market share of more than 80%. Most importantly, China has more than 90%of the world’s leading patents in this field. Once it is required to use rare earth products produced by Chinese enterprise patented technology Prohibiting sales to the company will also create restrictions.

According to previously published reports, the magnetic materials in the components provided by Grumman and Honeywell for the F-35 used Chinese rare earth products, and the night vision device developed for the F-35 also Use Chinese rare earth products, in addition, Rollo Company provides essential use of rare earth raw materials for F-35 engine F-135.

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In addition to rare earth related products, in the past few years, F -35 was also exposed to use other Chinese-made components such as circuit boards.

That is to say, once China’s sanctions on Lockheed Martin are implemented to the sales of related companies, it will inevitably have a huge impact on the normal production of the company.

Of course, there are still companies in Australia and Japan producing rare earth products around the world. Americans may be able to alleviate such supply problems through resource allocation. However, it must be seen that 80%of the US rare earth products are imported from China. China’s countermeasures against Loma are just the beginning, or a warning. If the United States does not take this warning seriously, the subsequent countermeasures will be fatal.

Actually, although Lockheed Martin knows that there is no direct legal sales transaction with China, they know the impact of sanctions on them. After China announced the decision to sanction on July 14, Lockheed Martin quickly responded and issued a statement.

Lockheed Martin defended himself in a statement, saying that the illegal sale of weapon systems to Taiwan Province of China is an official US act, not a corporate act of Lockheed Martin, regardless of Lockheed Martin’s Things, China should find an official solution from the United States.

Obviously, such a defense is weak and weak. As we all know, according to international law and the domestic law of the United States, we can clearly know that there is no official relationship between the US official and Taiwan Province of China, so Lockheed Martin’s defense There is no basis. (Master Fengwen)