China successfully launched the No. 6 02 star

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Zhongxin.com, Beijing, July 5 (Guo Chaokai, Zhu Xiaoxiong) At 7:44 on July 5, Beijing time, China successfully used the Long March 2 D carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and successfully sent the test No. 6 02 star The orbit was scheduled and the launch was a complete success.

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Picture:Shan Biao

The No.6 02 star is mainly used to carry out space environment detection and related technical experiments.

The Long March No. 2 D launch vehicle for launching missions is a room temperature liquid secondary launch vehicle developed by Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, with a takeoff thrust of about 300 tons, corresponding to 700 kilometers of the sun The carrying capacity of the synchronous circular orbit is 1.2 tons, and it has the single-star and multi-satellite launch capabilities of different orbit requirements.

Based on the double strapdown of the control system, the Long March No. 2 Ding rocket continued to deepen and improve. Through redundant products and stand-alone replacement, the number of single points in the electrical system was reduced by 22%, and the reliability of the rocket was improved. . At the same time, in order to better meet the needs of multiple tasks such as model multi-star series and multi-star parallel, and improve the ability to de-task, the researchers also improved the rocket timing control system to implement task switching with a fixed state.

This mission is the 49th flight of the Long March 2 D carrier rocket and the 338th flight of the Long March series carrier rocket. (End)