China + year-end race is likely to be canceled, badminton restart plan is frustrated again

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The restart plan for the World Badminton Tournament has suffered a setback, including the year-end finals (December 16-20), China Open (September 15-20) and Fuzhou Open (November 3 to (8th) The three high-level events including the three are likely to be cancelled.

The World Badminton Federation issued an announcement last weekend, saying:”The World Badminton Federation understands that China’s State Sports General Administration will not host other international sports events and this year in principle. Relevant programs for the event. We are maintaining close contact with relevant partners, including the Chinese Badminton Association, to better understand the situation and the impact of this situation on the World Badminton Federation’s 2020 event schedule.”

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The announcement of the World Badminton Federation is not It is clearly mentioned which events held in China will be cancelled, but apparently has already noticed the important message that the General Administration of Sport of China issued in early July that it will no longer host international events this year. The document issued by the State Sports General Administration on July 2 clearly stipulates:In addition to the Beijing Olympic Winter Games and other important events, in principle, no other international sports events and activities will be held within this year.

According to this regulation, events like the Fuzhou Open and the China Open should not be held. Whether the World Badminton Finals held in Guangzhou at the end of the year can be regarded as an”important event” currently seems to have little hope. Although the finals are the highest prizes and points in the World Badminton Tournament, compared with the World Championships, Tang You Cup and Sudirman Cup, it is not the highest standard badminton tournament.

Wu Zhiqiang, Secretary General of the Malaysian Badminton Association, believes that the announcement of the World Badminton Federation is somewhat”funny”, and said that the World Badminton Federation should at least express whether it will host the year-end finals. Stand, because this is a contest. He said:”We can’t get much information from this press release. The question is can’t the year-end finals be held?”

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The World Badminton Federation’s event restart plan has suffered setbacks. The cancellation of the Badminton Association and the China Badminton Association delayed the restart of the tournament until September. Now, three more races held in China are likely to be cancelled, which will seriously affect the World Badminton Federation’s race restart plan, because these three races are important events in the World Badminton League schedule, with a total prize of more than 3 million US dollars.

The restart plan of the World Badminton Federation announced in May has been controversial. Former Malaysian famous badminton player Li Zongwei once called on the World Badminton Federation to cancel all competitions this year. The Malaysian Badminton Association also believes that it is not suitable to hold the Malaysian Open without the improvement of the current epidemic situation. The Indonesia Open, which is the same level as the China Open and has a total prize of more than US$1 million, may also be cancelled. The Indonesian Badminton Association was informed three weeks ago that whether the Indonesian Open will be held will depend on the local epidemic trends. Only when Jakarta turns into a”green zone”, the game can be played, but the local is still in the”red zone”. A series of negative news will hit the World Badminton Federation’s rematch plan.

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