Chinese and Japanese relay to treat patients to be a good story Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou Fuxin Japanese doctor

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Response letter from Ambassador Kong Xuanyou. Photo courtesy of the Chinese Embassy in Japan

ChinaNews.com, Tokyo, July 14th (Reporter Lu Shaowei) Some time ago, people from all walks of life in China and Japan loved the relay and jointly rescued Chinese technical interns suffering from rare heart disease in Japan The story of Xiao Sun has become popular in both countries.

Letter from Professor Gao Weiliangxing. Photo courtesy of the Chinese Embassy in Japan

Earlier this month, Xiao Sun’s attending physician, Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, Fujita Medical University Medical Department, Japan, wrote a letter to the Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou to the Chinese Embassy in Japan , Chinese medical institutions, airlines and other relevant units expressed their respect and gratitude for the noble spirit of being highly responsible for life during the transfer of Xiao Sun back to China and the rapid implementation of surgery, and expressed the promotion of Sino-Japanese friendship and Sino-Japanese medical exchanges and cooperation Positive will.

Recently, Ambassador Kong Xuanyou replied to Professor Gao Wei, thanking Fujita Medical University Hospital and Professor Gao Wei’s tireless efforts for the treatment of Xiao Sun, praising their every move reflects the”health of the doctor””. Ambassador Kong said that the Chinese and Japanese relay to treat Xiao Sun’s story vividly interpreted the profound meaning of”save the sick as one and share the same worries”. This”save the heart” relay has made”Sino-Japanese friendship” more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The goodwill deserves to be passed on by all circles of the two countries. The full text of Ambassador Kong’s reply is as follows:

Professor Gao Weiliangxing:


Nice to receive your letter. As the Chinese ambassador to Japan, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the treatment and care provided to the Chinese girl Xiaosun, and please, on behalf of me and my colleagues, to Chairman Xingchang Qinglong, President Yuzawa Yuzawa, and Fujita Medical University Hospital All medical staff, staff and their families convey the most sincere respect and greetings. Because of your hard work, careful treatment and loving escort, Xiao Sun survived a”life and death robbery” and gained hope for rebirth. The selfless donation of the treatment cost brought great encouragement to the Xiao Sun family and warmed up people from all walks of life. heart of.

When I learned that Xiao Sun had successfully undergone a heart transplant at the Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan Union Hospital) at the end of last month, my colleagues at the embassy and I are very pleased to share the same feelings as you Inspiring. After seeing the photo of the letter from the Chinese medical team and Xiao Sun, I recalled the more than a year ago, you and the more than 30 medical staff of the medical team made unremitting efforts to treat Xiao Sun, I thought of four words-“Doctor Ren heart”. As the most solid barrier between the patient and the disease, with the superb medical skills, noble professionalism and invaluable life, the young girl was recaptured from the disease and the first rod of”relay of life” was completed.

The extraordinary cross-border transshipment on June 12 is still exciting. Faced with challenges such as urgent transit time, special patient conditions, and complicated transit conditions, medical institutions, relevant aviation companies, airports in both places, immigration management departments, customs and the government of China and Japan adhere to the principle of”people first, life first”. Spirit, to overcome the difficulties caused by the new crown epidemic situation, regardless of the gains and losses, made many special arrangements to complete the tasks that are almost impossible. It vividly interprets the profound meaning of”save the sick as one, and worry about the same”.

As you said in your letter, this”relay of life” transported not only a patient in urgent need of treatment, but also the friendship and goodwill inherent in Chinese and Japanese folks. This story was reported by the news media of the two countries and caused a warm response among the people. On social media,”China-Japan Life Relay” has become a topic that everyone talks about. Many friends asked me for details, expressed their wishes to Xiaosun, paid tribute to the medical staff, and praised this”relay of life”. This”heart-saving” relay made the words”Sino-Japanese friendship” deeply in the hearts of every witness and witness. This touch and kindness are also worth passing on with our heart.

We often say that China and Japan have broad cooperation prospects and huge cooperation potential in the field of health care, and this transnational medical action to treat Xiao Sun is the best proof of this sentence, and will surely be in An important page was written in the history of Sino-Japanese medical exchange and cooperation. I sincerely look forward to the future Fujita Medical University Hospital and Wuhan Union Hospital can further carry out exchanges and mutual learning in related fields, send gospel to more patients in both countries, and look forward to new fruitful results in the cooperation between China and Japan in the field of medical health.

Finally, I sincerely invite you and friends of the medical team to visit the Chinese embassy in Japan at the right time. You are also welcome to have a chance to go to China to take a look, see and see the Xiaosun family With the colleagues of Wuhan Union Hospital, the Chinese people’s warm and friendly friends will certainly impress everyone.

The armor in white and the retrospective expedition, the new crown epidemic is still going on. As a medical staff who still sticks to their posts, I hope everyone will pay attention to protection and take care of themselves while treating patients. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Good luck! (End)

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