“Chinese Aunt” on the polder:watching the rescue fighters is very distressed

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On the afternoon of July 15th, a group of aunts delivered freshly cooked White fungus soup. Photo by Liu Zhankun

“You guys are working hard! Come and drink more…”

The hot sun is empty, Xia Chan grows. On Changjiangwei, a group of aunts quickly carried three or four iron barrels on the dam, and delivered freshly cooked white fungus soup to the soldiers who were fighting the floods here.

Due to the recent concentrated heavy rainfall, upstream inflow and Poyang Lake superimposed by the high water level, it has a population of 1.6 million”Jiangxi’s most populous county” Poyang County has a super-alarm for all water levels in Binhu District.

Aunt sent the white fungus soup to the soldiers who participated in the flood rescue. Photo by Liu Zhankun

The rising water level has led to dangerous situations in the dams of Zhujiangqiao Village to Jiangjialing Village in Poyang County. The straight-line distance of the Changjiang Wei Embankment from the seat of the Poyang County Government is less than 3 kilometers. The importance of this dyke is self-evident.

Poyang County where the rain is temporarily suspended is hot and humid. On the afternoon of the 15th, a reporter from Chinanews.com walked on the dike of Changjiang Wei, and in less than ten minutes, she was sweating.

Fearing that the soldiers of the army are suffering heat stroke under high-intensity work, the 64-year-old villager Zhu Aixiang of Zhujiaqiao Village and several sisters have quickly cooked the summer food for the soldiers of the army.

Aunt sent the white fungus soup to the soldiers who participated in the flood relief. Photo by Liu Lixin

This is not the first time aunts have given food to army soldiers. A week ago, Zhu Aixiang called on the WeChat group of sisters who usually danced together in square dances to do logistical work for the soldiers of the anti-flood rescue team, which received a positive response from everyone.

“Give them watermelon and mineral water in the morning, and mung bean soup or white fungus soup in the afternoon.” Zhu Aixiang said,”I hope they eat more and have more energy to be energetic because they are too hard”

“Most of them are about the age of my grandson, and they are young children in their 20s. Watching them sleeping on the edge of the dike every day, I feel very sad and particularly distressed.” Zhu Aixiang Choke so many times.

47-year-old Zhu Zaoqin is Zhu Aixiang’s”dance friend” and one of his positive responders.

In the afternoon, Zhu Zaoqin was very busy. Together with the sisters, she carried the iron bucket filled with white fungus soup to the rest of the soldiers of the troops, and then scooped the white fungus soup into the paper cup, and delivered it to the soldiers.

Aunt sent a portion of white fungus soup to the soldiers who participated in the flood relief. Photo by Liu Lixin

“If we didn’t fight against floods, our homes would be very dangerous. So we also want to do something for them, and we will work harder without them,” she said breathlessly.

“The fellow here is very enthusiastic, we will send us supplies every day, and we are more active in our work.” After drinking the white fungus soup, a troop fighter named Pan Zhaoxi and his comrades joined the flood fighting and rescue .

Outside the dam, flooding is raging; inside the dam, the warmth flows. (Reporter Liu Zhankun Wu Pengquan Liu Lixin)