“Chinese Diplomatic God” Geng Shuang swept the screen and was madly confessed:How cool is it to be a bad person?

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Some time ago,”Chinese Diplomatic God”Geng Shuang attended the last press conference and announced his resignation, which caused a lot of netizens’ reluctance.

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Clearly organized and focused, it makes many people speechless.

In another speech, in the face of the malicious dumping of the pot by others, he deliberately discredited, Geng Shuang directly quoted the ancient Chinese Huihui:

Anything works, but ask yourself.

The meaning is very simple. He asked the other party to go back and reflect on himself, looking for the reason from himself, not making up.

Geng Shuang’s speech is sometimes sharp, sometimes ironic, but always whimsical and powerful.

After watching Geng Shuang’s speech, many netizens called it “addiction”.

In the face of the offense of others, Geng Shuang can always use a few words to give a firm response. It not only clarifies the point of view, but also highlights its own spirit.

As a diplomat, Geng Shuang’s words and sentences reflect the”not easy to mess with” temperament, which also made him gain a lot of loyalty Fans.

Floyd Say:In any relationship, we must dare to guard our borders with anger. People are not angry, just like a country is not armed.

Deeply agree.

In life, people are always asked to”respect harmony”, so too many people learn to be forbearing and accepting, and ultimately not only lose themselves, It also makes the other party look down on you more and more.

On the contrary, learning to be an”uncomfortable” adult will make you live more vividly and more Free and easy.


Recently, the variety show”Sister Who Rides the Wind” The eye of the audience.

There are a few shots in the program, which makes me quite emotional.

At the beginning of the program, the program group asked Tranquility to introduce themselves. After listening, I replied quietly and domineeringly:

“I still have to introduce who I am, then I have been in vain for decades, and I don’t know who I am?”

During the show, the judge Du Hua asked why she came Join the show?

Tranquilly and sturdyly answered,”Crap.”

After the program, there was an interview clip, the host asked what serenity he thought he was.

Quietly and naturally said:”I always feel that I am the first line.”

Then the host asked again:”Have you never been angry?”

Tranquilly said without thinking:”I don’t think, just like I didn’t think I was particularly tall, I wouldn’t think I was particularly low, no. Maybe I have a thick skin, I’m just a line, I don’t believe it’s a mule. Horse, pull it out for a walk.”

The words are full of”not easy to mess with”.

However, anyone who has seen her resume should know that Tranquility is not a joke.

On seniority, since her debut in 1990, she has long been a predecessor in the entertainment industry;

In terms of strength, as early as in the 1990s, she basically won all awards in the movie category;

On hard work, she never treated it unambiguously, she took over Every play.

In the face of the true temperament that Tranquility showed in the program, netizens praised it.

Some netizens even commented:”Society is my quiet sister, people are very strong.”

It has to be said that the”not easy to mess with” serenity makes one’s life lively.

She never hides her true temperament and dares to do what she wants to do. Such a life is really happy.

“Not easy to provoke” does not mean impersonal and unreasonable, in a way, it is a kind of self-love, a kind of self-love Yes, it makes others more aware of your bottom line, and also makes you live more angularly.


Knowing that netizens and professional women have shared a friend’s story .

Friends table is a famous”not easy to mess with” in the circle of netizens.

Big tables rarely go out for dinner, and the circle is very fixed. In her own words,”I don’t have so much free time to eat, drink and have fun with different friends every day.”

Big watch is very mindful of what others touch her. In addition to good friends, as long as someone touches her things at random without her consent, even if it is a newspaper, she will take it back firmly and leave a sentence”You are very rude.”

Big watch doesn’t like to talk to strangers, and it also refuses to talk inexplicably. Someone once asked her five questions, all of which were answered one question at a time.

Although there is still a sense of lingering in the big watch today, she has become a darling in the circle.

>>>>”It’s not easy to mess with”, she has a sense of distance that strangers can’t approach, she only chooses to be loyal to her good people;

Because”not easy to mess with””I don’t like to waste time on people who don’t matter, she only leaves the time to people who are important to her;

Because”not easy to mess with”, There are not many real friends around, but once you enter her circle, she can definitely make you feel a sense of security that others can’t give.

There is a concept in psychology called the”threshold effect”.

It is said that once people accept the insignificant demands of others, they may accept larger demands.

In other words, when you are getting along with people, if you are too forgiving and too patient, then others will take this again and again And the three places offend you.

On the contrary, if you choose to live in a clear and angular manner, with attitude and perseverance, you are more likely to be respected by others.

Cai Kangyong once said:”High EQ, not to cater and tolerate, but to get along well with yourself.”

People who are “not easy to mess with,” they are sharp and polite, they have great enthusiasm for their own world, and naturally they have become the most popular people in the circle. .


Two suggestions to help you become a”no Adults who are irritating”.

Do things and stick to the principle, don’t cross the bottom line

Writer San Mao tells her experience of studying abroad in”The West Wind Doesn’t Understand”.

Before studying abroad, Sanmao parents repeatedly told her to let her learn to tolerate everything.

San Mao remembers his parents’ words. When she was abroad, she readily accepted the roommate’s request.

However, San Mao’s blind tolerance did not make her feel comfortable. On the contrary, her roommate began to measure up.

Slowly, wiping the floor, washing the sheets, and cleaning up the trash, almost all the chores have become a matter of San Mao alone.

One night, the roommates ran to Sanmao’s bed for alcoholism.

The unbearable Sanmao broke out at that moment, and she grabbed the broom and swept it fiercely toward her roommate.

After that night, the roommates no longer dared to point fingers at her, but became respectful.

I have seen a paragraph on the Internet:

“A person’s literacy is not in Smile after being bullied and polite after being offended. Accomplishment is that you don’t take the initiative to offend others, don’t speculate on others maliciously, and don’t attack others with words first. But once you have been violated, it’s what an adult should have. Literacy.”


A lot of times, swallowing and swallowing will make you a”cheap” person.

And when you stick to the principles and bottom line in your heart, and no longer deliberately please anyone, the more others will be afraid of you, and then naturally agree with your boundaries.

Don’t forget lifelong learning and enhance strength

Just Observe carefully, you will find that those who are not easy to provoke, most have the strength to cover.

Because of their strength, they dare to be themselves; because of their strength, they dare to express their attitude; because of their strength, they never compromise or give in.

Li Ka-shing once said:

“When you are not strong enough and excellent enough , Don’t spend too much precious time socializing and attending various parties.

You should spend more time reading and improving professional skills.


Give up those useless social interactions and improve yourself to make your world bigger.”

Said In the end, strength is one’s strength.

May you and I have the confidence to be”not easy to mess with”.