Cinda Australia Bank Fund Feng Mingyuan:A letter to investors

By yqqlm yqqlm

Dear Investor Friends:


I am Feng Mingyuan, joint investment director of Cinda Australia Bank Fund, director of equity investment headquarters and fund manager. Thank you for your continuous support and trust in the Cinda Australia Bank Fund and the Cinda Australia Bank New Energy, Essence Configuration, Core Technology, Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing, Technological Innovation scheduled for one year, research and optimization.

Recently, after the market experienced a round of accelerated rise, it does not rule out a short-term rest. Because of this, we believe that although we need to pay attention to some of the accumulated risk points for short-term and medium-term trends, such as the profit disk brought by continuous rises, the weekend media’s argument about the cooling of the stock market, and the reflection of the strict investment allocation The policy trends that have come out… etc., but as the impact of the epidemic on the real economy gradually subsided in the first half of the year, we think those outstanding companies are still worth holding on to, and they are optimistic about the technology market in the long term. Specifically, it is mainly optimistic about the investment opportunities of the three main lines:

The first one is consumer electronics. We believe that in the post-epidemic era, as people’s work and life become more normal, demand-side recovery and continuous improvement are inevitable, and the operating data of many companies will gradually recover.

Second, new energy. This field is also our long-term view! Intuitively, the recent Tesla continues to hit new highs. We believe that with the increase in the penetration rate of domestic new energy vehicles, the profitability of related companies will maintain a good growth trend for a long time. In particular, it is currently a friendly period for global new energy policies. We believe that the future prospects of this section are highly certain.

Third, 5G, semiconductor. This is also the top priority of domestic substitution and domestic economic and technological transformation! Although due to Sino-US trade frictions, the business of sector-related enterprises has been restricted and affected to a certain extent in the short term, but in the long run, we believe that Sino-US trade frictions will not stop the upgrading of China’s information technology, but will slow down to a certain extent. The transition process is only a bit slow, and the future prospects and space in this field will be huge.

Finally, in terms of operation, for those investors who have already entered the vehicle, we recommend that you appropriately control the position ratio in the short term, and should not be operated frequently, giving the market and us more A little time and patience; and for those investors who have not got on the bus, we suggest that you can enter the layout in batches by “fixed investment”, without changing the long-term investment decision for its short-term fluctuations. Finally, thank you again for your trust and trust! We will continue to practice the concept of value investment, adhere to the”customer first” value and strive to return your trust with sustained and stable long-term investment income.

Cinda Australia Bank Fund Feng Mingyuan

July 16, 2020

Risk Tip:This material is not used as any legal document. The operation time of my country’s funds is relatively short and cannot reflect all stages of the development of the stock and bond markets. The past performance of the fund does not represent future performance. The performance of other funds managed by the fund manager does not constitute a performance guarantee for the performance of the fund. Fund investment is risky. Investors are required to fully understand the risk characteristics of the fund, listen to the appropriate opinions of the sales organization, and carefully invest based on the documents such as the”Fund Contract” and”Prospectus” based on their own risk tolerance. Investors are requested to strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations on anti-money laundering and earnestly perform their anti-money laundering obligations.