Clear thinking! Rescuer Gaming Mobile Pro will use 90W dual-port charging solution

By yqqlm yqqlm

Lenovo officials have previously announced that they will officially release the Rescuer e-sports mobile phone Pro on July 22, with the first launch of the Snapdragon 865 Plus SoC.

The information about the aircraft’s explosives and preheating is already rich, but how to realize its 90W fast charging solution has caused a lot of speculation before, because it is in rescue In the relevant certification information of the e-sports mobile phone charger, its maximum power is only 45W instead of the official 90W. Is this time to play a word game?

Today, the product reservation page of Rescuer Gaming Mobile Pro is officially launched. In the reservation page, the official revealed that the 90W super flash charge of the Rescue Gaming Mobile Pro uses dual Type-C input dual power. The core solution, that is to say, this should be achieved by setting up a Type-C charging port on the side and bottom of the mobile phone, and achieving an equivalent 90W fast charging through two 45W superpositions.

Previously, the Asus ROG Phone also has a Type-C interface on the side of the fuselage, but that’s more for not blocking your hands and accessing when charging horizontally The use of accessories, such as the two-way charging method of the rescuer’s mobile phone, is really a big initiative. It’s just that various manufacturers have prepared mass-produced single-port 100-watt fast charging solutions. Lenovo’s unique 90W solution will soon lag behind.

In addition to the fast charging of 90W, the selling points of the Rescue Gaming Phone Pro will also include a 144Hz Gaming Screen, the first Snapdragon 865 Plus SoC, dual X-axis linear motors, dual liquid cooling, and other July 22 other Mysterious features will also be revealed one by one.