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On July 2, a large-scale landslide occurred at the Pagan Emerald Mine in Myanmar. As of 21:50 on the 2nd, Beijing time, the number of victims rose to 162, and at least 50 others were injured, becoming the worst mining accident in the history of the country. An official, who asked not to be named, revealed that the search and rescue work has been suspended due to the complicated rescue conditions and the danger at the scene. The fire department revealed on Facebook that the miners were buried by”muddy flow” caused by heavy rain while working. According to local residents, about 200 people were buried.

A report released by the NGO”Global Witness” in October 2015 showed that in 2014 alone, the total value of jade mined in Myanmar reached US$31 billion, nearly half of the country’s GDP (US$65.4 billion) , Equivalent to 46 times the government’s total medical expenditure. In addition to jade, wood, gold and amber, the rich natural resources in northern Myanmar have given the parties to the armed conflict in the region decades of continuous financial support.

Comment:Blood jade, blood diamond… In addition to filling people’s inner emptiness and uneasiness, the biggest role is to decorate the facade.


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Since July 1, local time, the EU has officially opened its borders to visitors from 15″safe countries”. Including China, the world’s second largest economy. As a pillar industry, tourism accounts for about 10%of the EU’s GDP. Summer is the peak tourist season. Every summer, millions of tourists from all over the world flock to it, especially in southern European countries such as Spain and Greece. Among them, sex workers in the Red Light District of Amsterdam reopen their doors on Wednesday, but they need to comply with strict physical contact, hygiene and inspection regulations. The Dutch government originally planned to shut down these sites until September, but in view of the apparently higher than expected epidemic situation and the heavy pressure of workers, the date of unblocking was greatly advanced.

The current degree of openness is also difficult to really drive the recovery of European tourism. One of the important factors is the”absolute epicenter” of the current global epidemic in the United States. American tourists are an important source of revenue for the European tourism industry. More than 15 million American tourists travel to Europe every year, most of them concentrated in the summer.

Comment:Laborers are under pressure, governments are under pressure, companies are under pressure, but they are still powerless.


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The Yonhap News Agency reported that the investigation into the serial murder of Li Chunzai in Hwaseong, South Korea lasted for one year, and the police announced the investigation results on the 2nd. It was determined that Li Chunzai committed 23 crimes, killed 14 women, and raped and robbed 9 women. It was 34 years since the first case of the serial murder case in Hwaseong. Regrettably, Li Chunzai’s crimes have been retrospectively expired. The Hwaseong serial killings are 10 cases that occurred between September 1986 and April 1991. It was the most serious homicide in South Korea. The victims were all women, ranging in age from teens to 70s. The case was adapted into the movie”Memories of Murder”.

Comment:The murderer was found, but can the victim rest in peace?


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Over the past three months, more than 360 elephants have mysteriously died in Botswana, Africa. Experts speculate that the cause of the death of the elephant herd may be many, and may even be related to the new crown. The BBC recorded this process. At that time, some environmentalists flew over the area by plane. They found a total of 169 elephant carcasses in a 3-hour flight. Subsequently, they reported the situation to the government. A month later, people found more elephant carcasses in further investigation,”the total number exceeds 350.””Under the condition of no drought, such a large-scale death is completely unprecedented.” An expert said.

In addition, the distribution of elephant carcasses has also attracted media attention. CNN said there were many elephant carcasses near the waterhole. According to the observation of locals and the death postures of elephants:some lie flat on the ground, indicating that death is faster; some pacing around before death, the death comes relatively slowly. The health status of some surviving elephants is not optimistic.

The Government of Botswana lifted the ban on elephant hunting in May 2019 and implemented strictly controlled hunting. Regarding the plan after the ban on elephant hunting, the government stipulates that hunting will be strictly controlled within a small range, and no more than 400 elephants are allowed to hunt each year. Environmentalists urged the local government to send someone to guard the elephant ivory.

Comment:Apart from ivory, if environmentalists are more concerned about the cause of death, the pattern will be much higher.


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The chat history of Yang Mou and Zheng Mou.

Laoganma, who has little marketing, put up 1,000 bottles of”big customer-only” hot sauce on July 2, priced at 9999 yuan. The interface reporter found that multiple home appliance platforms and food specialty stores have launched the promotion activities of Laoganma Hot Sauce in a timely manner. According to data provided by Suning.com, as of 22:00 on July 1, sales of”Laoganma” chili sauce increased by 228%month-on-month, and Jingdong data showed that on July 1, Laoganma search volume increased by 300%year-on-year. There are many ridicules about the disputes with Tencent in the evaluation of goods, and some users claim that they are here.

Comment:Consumers usually don’t treat a conscience company that does things honestly.


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The latest report of the sports industry research organization NPD Group shows that during the epidemic, global sales of sports shoes suffered a serious setback and sales The amount fell by more than 50%year-on-year. Taking the Nike group as an example, as of May this year, Nike’s global revenue fell 38%year-on-year to 6.3 billion in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2020 US dollar, quarterly net loss of 790 million US dollars. However, the agency’s research pointed out that when the sports industry is facing difficulties, running products have maintained the upward trend of sales. Matt Powell, vice president of the NPD Group, analyzed this. “Normally, during the recession, we have all seen running shoes perform well, and now it is the same. Running shoes have been very popular in the past four weeks.”

Comment:The virus traps the human spirit and body in a small space, which does not mean that we have taken away the possibility of sharpening our own body.


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According to Taiwanese media, Yi Nengjing recently climbed to a new height for the career of participating in the variety show”Sister on the Wind and the Waves”, but later because of In an exclusive interview, the deceased mother-in-law Mei Yanfang was miserable. She turned from black to red overnight. Not only was she disapproved by the former agent Chen Xiaozhi, she was not a grateful person, but even her insiders could not look down. Look. Now her husband Qin Hao is also involved in this turmoil. Before 2016, the stills of Liang Shanbo were dug out. The single eyelid and the square cheek face are really different from today’s appearance, which makes the netizens stunned and called the original Qin Hao. Rectification,

Comment:Are there any problems with entertainers eating on their faces and optimizing their faces?


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From July 6th to 10th this year, the average price of hotels around the test center in the country increased by 30%compared with last year. The data released by Qunar on July 1st shows that despite the impact of the epidemic, the popularity of the college entrance examination room this year has decreased compared with last year, but the average price has increased compared with last year.”Anxin room” and”hour room” have become popular. According to Henan media reports, the college entrance examination room launched around the Zhengzhou test center has been almost booked, and the hotel with a price of more than 100 yuan has risen to 800 yuan.

In order to take the final stroke of the candidates, parents are not easy to spend money in this year’s college entrance examination room reservations. According to data from Qunar.com, during the college entrance examination this year, among the hotel reservations within 3 kilometers of each test site, more than four-star hotels accounted for 60%.

In addition, the same trip travel and accommodation report shows that some parents of candidates also have requirements on the number of room floors. For example, many parents like the seventh floor and do not like the eighth floor, because there are”seven up and eight down” saying,”666″,”888″ and other auspicious house numbers are sought after by parents. In order to cater to the needs of parents, some hotels even designed themed rooms specifically for the college entrance examination, such as”Zhuangyuanfang”.

Comment:The purpose of education is to get rid of superstitions. If the eight is bad, there is still a person named”Heavy Eight” in history, who also became the emperor (Zhu Zhongba-Ming Tai Zu Zhu Yuanzhang).

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