Conscience is the sentinel in everyone’s heart, standing on duty, monitoring what is illegal.

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Buddha said:”If there is a Buddha in your heart, then there is Buddha everywhere”? When a female poet described her ideal lover, she said this sentence:you must have a noble soul. Man is the spirit of all things. The most important characteristic of man is distinguished from lower animals is that man has thought, and man can use thought to constantly correct the defects in his behavior.

We should be kind to be beautiful, be proud of good, and be happy. Only when you have good intentions will you have good intentions; only when you have good intentions will you perform good deeds. With good deeds, the virtue of goodness will continue to accumulate; with the virtue of goodness accumulated, you will become a respectable and lovely person.

Kind people are kind. As Maugham said:”Conscience is the sentinel of each of us. It is on duty there to watch us not to do illegal things. It is a spy inserted in the central fortress of self.”

With kindness and good deeds, when you see impoverished orphans, you will take the initiative to help them, but you never thought of asking them to pay back; with kindness and good deeds, your parents and elders will be worthy of your filial piety; With kindness and good deeds, those who are struggling with illness and misfortune can receive your sincere and enthusiastic love. With kindness and good deeds, you will have endless happiness.

Buddha said:Charity and goodness, broadly planting Futian; Charity and evil, revenge one after another. Planting melons and melons, planting beans and beans, planting bitter gourds and bitter gourds, planting golden beans and gold beans, and planting sweet fruits and sweet fruits.

Good heart is the root of all good things. Being kind and charitable is the spread of love. Heart kindness can only make the heart wide, and the heart wide can tolerate the shortcomings of the person; heart kindness can make the heart right, and the heart can be just and bright; heart kindness can make the mind calm, and the heart can be free of desire and greed; Xincheng can treat people truthfully; Xinxin can be at ease and Xinan can maintain eternal goodness.

Keeping a good heart, accumulating good virtues, and doing good deeds, will not suffer at all. When you pay for others, the one who really benefits is others, and even you! Because everyone knows that the grace of dripping water should be reported to Yongquan. At the same time, you also get great spiritual happiness!

Using contradictions can never resolve contradictions, complaining can never resolve complaints, and using hatred can never resolve hatred. Only by using kindness and compassion can we build a bridge of communication and build a building of friendship.

Kindness and good deeds should be given to the right people. For wicked people like snakes, they must never blindly be kind to them. They must never be tolerant and accommodating, nor can they give meat to people who bite your fingers!

The human heart is like a piece of soil, depending on how you cultivate it and how you plant it. I hope everyone will only grow flowers and no grass in their hearts; only trees and no thorns; only kindness and no ugliness.

Keeping a good heart, gathering good thoughts, speaking good words, performing good deeds, warming up people with kindness, and building up virtue with good deeds, this is our most beautiful pursuit.

People live a lifetime, they live a heart, there is pure land in the heart, life is beautiful, soul has a home, and life has a home. No matter who it is, a person must keep the pure land in his heart and find a place for his own soul, so that he can live his own beauty, happiness, and happiness.

A person who wants to hold the pure land in his heart and find a place for his soul must learn to meditate, clear his mind, and nourish his mind. Hydrostatic energy can be used as an appraisal, and meditation can be observable and meditation. It can not only remove the impetuousness of the heart and return the heart to peace, but also help to reflect on oneself and reflect on the past, so as to better understand oneself and face oneself.

In the hustle and bustle of the world, we will encounter all kinds of temptations, and all kinds of difficulties. If you can’t calm down and stay sensible, you may be swallowed by temptations. , Overwhelmed by difficulties.

In fact, no matter whether it is temptation or difficulty, it is a test of the heart. Only when we calm down and stay calm can we resist the temptation and overcome the difficulties. Through all kinds of tests, we win Your own victory.

Meditation is an amazing ability. Only with this kind of ability can we deal with everything without chaos, without panic, and calmly deal with everything. No matter what happens on our way of life, the first thing we need to do is to meditate and keep our minds free.

With a calm mind, we can better understand reality, see others clearly, understand ourselves, and face the challenges in life with a better attitude.

The reason why the water is clear is that the water is continuously depositing itself, and the reason why people live transparently is because their hearts are very clean. Purity is to keep the heart clean, to remove impurities and garbage in the heart, to let go, to forget.

However, in real life, I found that there are many people who like to put some bad things in their hearts. As a result, they torture themselves and bad mood, ruining the beauty of life.

I think that such an approach is very unwise, knowing that it is bad and bad, why not remove them from the heart? dont you agree?

Really, when people are alive, they must understand how to enjoy life and learn to clean their hearts regularly to keep their hearts clean. Only in this way can you live happily and embrace the good.

Being a human being, you must understand that your heart is yourself and you must clean it up. My heart is clean, I am comfortable with myself, my heart is polluted, and the uncomfortable is myself, do you want to clear your mind regularly, do you think?

There is only one heart, not big, only the size of a fist, but it determines everything for us. What kind of heart you have, what kind of life you will have, what kind of life, and what kind of yourself.

So, we all have to learn to nourish our hearts and make our hearts better and better. Only then can we become better and better and live better and better.

As for how to nourish the heart, everyone has their own way. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad. As long as you can keep your mind healthy, that’s the best way.

In life, I like to support my mind through reading and writing, because I think reading is more than just learning knowledge, learning truth, more is reading yourself, and writing can better communicate with Communicate within yourself.

If you think seriously, you will find that most of the things in life are mental things, the problems of life, most of them are heart problems, as long as the heart is okay, no problem, everything will naturally Get better.

Meditation, cleansing, and nourishing, they are closely related and complement each other. Meditation helps to clear the mind, and it helps to nourish the mind. When the mind is nourished, it is easy to calm down.

On the uncertain road of life, the only thing we can grasp is our heart. Therefore, we all have to work hard to cultivate our minds, so that we have the ability to meditate and clear our minds, so as to achieve the effect of nourishing our minds.

The heart is not big, but as long as you raise it, the heart can become very big; the heart is easy to mess, but as long as you calm down, you can be at ease; the heart is upset, but as long as you understand the heart, the heart is Will become light.

Yu Feihong once said:”I have a jumping point for growth. I found that the person you loved, one day you will not love at all. When I understand this feeling, I am actually painful. It’s not uncomfortable, it’s just that I didn’t think about it at all, and I think it’s growth through this incident.”

At the beginning, I couldn’t understand this sentence, when I thought of my own experience I found that the biggest period of my growth was when I realized and accepted that I was mediocre, and that period of time when I had many shortcomings, I understood.

In psychology, there is a word called “self concept”, which refers to our knowledge and concept of ourselves. On the basis of”self-concept”, the famous humanist Rogers put forward “self-gap”, referring to the gap between”ideal self” and”real self”, he believes :

Personal ideal ego is a part of ego and the ego that people yearn for. The gap between the ideal self and the real self is closer, the more happy and satisfied the individual is. If the real self is far from the ideal self, it will cause unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Everyone’s”ideal self” and”real self” will be different. For example, Yu Feihong’s ideal self may be a loyal person who loves others, but in reality she suddenly no longer loves her. The imperfect part of the real self was discovered, and in the process of discovery, it was accompanied by pain. Until this part of the”ideal self” and”real self” merged, she accepted it before she realized growth.

Before we form a stable”self concept”, we all have a process of self-awareness. This process is painful and contradictory. It contains two levels of pain. The first level is whether Realizing the true self, the second level is whether the true self can be accepted.

A person’s relatively stable and contented state is conscious and accepting his true self, that is, one day suddenly you find:”Oh, I will also Suddenly don’t love him” or”Oh, I am also an ordinary person!”

The two self-concept leap periods in life, Before reaching peace, we will There is a period of emotional contradiction for a certain period of time, which produces a variety of psychological problems. People with strong awareness will actively seek solutions. People with weak awareness may be deeply trapped in emotions, because everyone’s The growth relationship network is different, but in general we all have two leaps of growth in self-concept.

The first self-concept leap period was between 1-3 years old. When we were born, we could not separate ourselves from the outside world until we were more and more in contact with the outside world , Through the feedback of others, we slowly distinguish the difference between”I” and”34″ you and”He”. This stage is a critical period for babies to realize themselves.

And mainly by means of”Mirrored self” refers to the external perception of one’s own appearance, image, and other people’s evaluation of their own behavior and personality. Basically, when we reach elementary school, we can form a clear”self concept”, but it It may not be stable and accurate.

The second self-concept leap period is puberty.During this period, as our bodies begin to develop rapidly, we begin to have special individuals psychologically Subjective, but in fact the psychological maturity is far behind the speed of the body, so this period is easy to rebel, do not like to listen to discipline.

At this time, our”ideal self” and”real self” have already At this stage, there will be two trends. One is that the self-evaluation is too high, resulting in conceitedness, that is, the real self is seen too high. The other is that the self-estimation is too low, and the”ideal””Ego” is set too high, and it is easy to have an inferiority complex.

Psychologists also call this period’s task the development of self-identity. Thinking about the consistency and stability of questions such as”Who am I”,”Where should I go”, and”What should I do?”

Basically by the age of 20, most people will complete the right Self-exploration leads to a stable state, which enables a more objective evaluation of the self. But this is only a general calculation with a high probability. In fact, some people complete it in advance, and some people do not complete it in their entire lives. This depends on everyone’s educational environment. , The original family, the internal self-explanation system, etc.

Combining these two self-concept leap periods, we can understand that the formation of the gap between the ideal self and the real self varies from person to person, and mainly There are two possibilities for gaps, and the development of two different self-cognitions will lead to completely different life states.

People with high self-assessment should learn to accept self-deficiencies, >Beauty cameras and P-pictures are very popular now, if it’s just to please yourself and others, it doesn’t matter much. After all, everyone likes their better side and shows it to everyone. But if you think you are beautiful The appearance in the camera does not accept his original appearance at all, and even avoids looking in the mirror and evading reality, that is, escaping from the”real self”.

A person with a calm heart and a strong heart, he is Being able to face his original appearance and face the gap between ideal and reality, he will choose targeted efforts to shorten the gap to ideal self .

After Dr. Tao Yong was discharged from the hospital, he was interviewed by Lu Yu, and he said:I must do next, the shape should be better and more photogenic.”Because, he feels that he must be the same in order to have more attention and to do something that needs more influence. He wants to use his influence to do work to care for the disadvantaged groups. The implication is also expressed that he His external image is not satisfactory, but he chose to improve rather than evade.

The appearance is on the one hand, regarding personality, ability, lover, etc., it is possible to self-evaluate places like Yu Feihong will think that she should be loyal to a person. She is surprised when she suddenly does not love a person.

There is a common phenomenon especially now. Many people have too high views on spouse selection. Even if the self-evaluation is too high, it also reflects the problem of insufficient self-acceptance in reality.

I have a friend who is single at the age of 30, I asked what kind of person she wanted to find, she is a standard The control of Yan, want to find tall, handsome, rich, the key is to be particularly considerate, able to understand what she wants, without her guidance and running.

My friend Not tall, fat, beautiful, no money, ordinary family, no love experience, but people are very motivated, very good personality, but this condition is really not realistic, put it on any girl, I will say that it is appropriate It’s more practical. Just like the last one, it’s very unreliable to require boys to understand what she wants, without the need for guidance and running in, because there is too little natural making in real life, and intimate relationships need to run in and Get along.

But for her, she is afraid of the instability in running-in, and she is not willing to lower the standard. She prefers to stay in the comfort zone, so she always wanted to fall in love, but never talked about it.

Appropriately learn to listen to the outside world, try to embrace your true face, and face the gap. It is my recommendation to people who have high self-esteem.

People with low self-assessment should learn to be close to love.People with low self-assessment usually have low self-esteem. They set too high an”ideal self” and feel that they are not good enough in their hearts. , Not worthy of having beautiful people and things.

Critical education of family members as a child will easily lead to children’s low self-evaluation. When they grow up, if they can’t accurately obtain external evaluations, they will always think that they are very good. Poor.

I have a consultant who told me as soon as I met that I felt very bad because I couldn’t communicate, which caused my work and feelings to be very poor. In order to get more real information, I asked him to talk about his work and interpersonal relations. After listening to it, I found out that he was not very bad at all, but habitually degraded himself.

He said that because he didn’t love and Leaders communicated, leading the leader to have opinions on himself. But in fact, his leader did not show obvious dissatisfaction. Instead, in a three-person project, because of his excellent performance, the leader assigned the other two people to other positions. This It means that his work performance is good Yes, the leader also recognized him, but he didn’t believe it at all, and didn’t want to pay attention to it because he used to think he was bad.

There are many such people, because no one has helped him to establish a true standard for a long time, and he has been immersed in his very poor ideas. Even if he has achieved something, he will choose not to look at it or not. accept. They need the encouragement and love of others in their hearts, but when these voices appear, they don’t believe it. This is the contradiction.

People with low self-esteem need a voice around them to encourage and support him. What is more needed is that they bravely believe that they can be loved and always remind themselves:”I am great”.

Egotistical people often have low self-esteem. Complete self-evaluation is too high, or complete self-evaluation is too low Yes, this person is both inferior and self-conceited.

Why are you proud? Because you can’t accept your true and crippled self, this is to escape from the subconscious mind. The essence is inferiority.

We can often see some people, but they won’t spare others when they get the chance. They often get the superior feeling through the external form.

I saw a movie some time ago, called”Wan Jian Chuan Xin“, the heroine is such a person, she is a city man, married to a rural man, when the rural man said to her that he would treat her well. So she thought from the bottom of her heart that her husband was Gao Pan, and she thought that her husband should be the only one who saw her first, but there were many unsatisfactory things in life. The woman began to feel resentful, and she used her sharp voice eight times higher every day. He even embarrassed him deliberately and hurt his self-esteem. Finally, the husband committed suicide, and the son did not recognize himself.

Women need to care, need love, and need to be treated well, but she can’t show the weak side of this woman, but only deliberately shows her arrogant side, but it hurts the man’s self-esteem. I have never been soft in my life. A man picks up a weight to carry his son to the university. Finally, the son thinks that she killed her father. After independence, she will not recognize her.

If she could show the weakness and needs hidden in her heart at the beginning, the ending will definitely be different and not so hard.

Human nature is too complicated, it combines various people and things in growth, is a product of various ideas, concepts, and subconsciousness, so the process of self-awareness It’s so difficult, but no matter how difficult, I always think that people should be more aware, record their own mental journey, talk with friends more, walk out of the comfort zone, listen to other people’s views, more self-reflection, more reading, and even psychological help Doctors, this is a way of self-awareness. There are many ways. The hardest part is the step of going out. It is comfortable to stick to your own safety zone, but you may repeat the same mistakes. Those who do not know it will say that it is destiny and knowing. The people will talk about the world, the direction of life is still in our own hands.

If one day, you can withstand criticism, you can withstand praise, you can stand the trough, and you can hold the climax, I believe you are away from true happiness and peace. Not far away, bravely admit that I am bad? But I also know that I deserve to be loved.

Because there are dreams, so brave, we are all on the road to struggle. This road may be very bumpy, maybe rugged, maybe you can’t see your head at a glance, maybe it seems incredible to others, but in order to keep the sun in our hearts, we stick to our dreams and run on the road of struggle without turning back! Don’t worry about the unclear future, just work for the clear present.

The process of chasing wishes may be frustrating, but it will also smile. For example, after finally arriving in Paris and other cities in the world, I discovered that Christmas in New York is more beautiful. Life is constantly discovering and subverting, subverting yourself, subverting all the pursuits, subverting those wishes that have been made, and then discovering better and more beautiful. As long as alive, there are infinite possibilities.

When you put money down to make money, it means you are sensible. When you use money to earn face, it means you have succeeded. When you can make money with face, you are already a character. When you are still drinking and bragging there, you don’t know anything but you just love the so-called face, it means that this is how you will be in your life.

The road to success has no end. Never be complacent and proud of your achievements. Everyone can keep learning and making progress only if he always keeps an open mind for advice. Everyone has huge potential, but some people’s potential has been awakened, and some people’s potential is still asleep. The root of success lies in the endless potential of developing people!

Even if the whole world denies me, and I believe in me, don’t think about it, if anyone cares about me, my life is very quiet, and I’m free to arbitrarily. In sadness, the embarrassed crying phase is also very wonderful. After tears dry, the head laughed so brilliantly, when frustrated, silently looking for the long-lost home of the soul, and when happy, all the passion in the whole body burst forth. Forever, let yourself live beautifully, beautifully!

Every bit of bitterness and joy missed a lot of small changes and fused together, thus creating a way of life. Every step of the way in life, let us see life bit by bit through the small things in life. Seeing the accumulation of every bit of experience in your life bit by bit, you have created a brilliant life.

A person’s growth, one is talent, the other is opportunity, the third is cultivation, and the fourth is faith. Talent is the foundation of growth, opportunities are nobles, cultivation is a gas station for growth, and faith is the conversion of growth value. We are ordinary but not mediocre. The form of life is destined, but to find meaning and direction in your own life is your own.

The true scripture is not in the Western Heavens, but on the way; the Buddha is not like this, but the self; the gangs of goblins are the desires and obsessions born of the human heart; the three apprentices are actually multifaceted Tang monks Character and talent. Life is smooth, but the heart of the outsider is dead, you are still resentful, you are still suffering, you are very confused, you are the monk who is always fighting with the fairy, and the road under your feet is always the road to self.

Don’t envy others’ brilliance, don’t be jealous of others’ success. Behind any brilliance and success, there is a sourness and melting of effort. Wonderful and successful, only the way things end, actions and processes are the lines that connect our lives. If you want to be more exciting and successful, you must have a firm determination before the action, you must have perseverance in the struggle, and you must have the courage to face after the defeat. Success is when we overcome ourselves.

As long as the flying wings are inserted into the dream, it can always reach where it should be. Life is as beautiful as taking a train, and the scenery in the past is as beautiful as it is to make you linger. Don’t let the grind take away the smile. Gradually you will find how strong you are! Happiness is the joy of the heart, and happiness is the satisfaction of the heart. Don’t quarrel with others, don’t quarrel with fate, don’t care about it, always be happy.

In this world, no one is easier to live than others, only some people are clamoring for the earth, and some are working silently. When enthusiasm becomes a habit, fear and anxiety are nowhere to be contained. People who lack enthusiasm also have no clear goals. Passionately turns the imaginary wheel. A person’s lack of enthusiasm is like a car without gasoline. Good at arranging play and work, both of them remain enthusiastic and are the happiest people.

Sometimes, we live tired, not because our lives are too harsh, but because we are too easily infected by the outside atmosphere and influenced by the emotions of others. Work out if you have a bad figure, and work hard to earn without money. Don’t blame others for embarrassment, the only thing you can complain about is yourself, who is not working hard enough.

It’s not that there is no water in the well, but that you didn’t dig deep enough. It is not that success comes slowly, but that you have not worked hard enough. The time of a lonely person makes himself excellent, gives a surprise to those who come, and gives him a good account.

Happiness is always accompanied by generous people, wealth is always accompanied by honest people, wisdom is always accompanied by noble people, charm is always accompanied by humorous people, and health is always accompanied by Kuoda people. There are many such miracles in life. Things that seem to be more difficult than going to the sky can sometimes be done easily. The difference lies in extraordinary beliefs.

Everyone has inertia and negative emotions. Successful people are those who know how to manage their emotions and overcome their inertia, and illuminate the people around them like the sun and inspire them. Who do you most admire in your heart need not become that person, but use that person’s spirit and method to become yourself.

The path of your choice, you have to walk it on your knees. There is no desperate situation in the world, only those who are desperate. Do not seek to compare with people, but seek to surpass yourself, crying with tears of excitement, and laughing with growing personality!

When destiny wants you to grow up, you will always arrange some people or things that make you uncomfortable to stimulate you. Don’t be a hedgehog. If you can’t be enemies without being enemies, no one will ever be with anyone for a lifetime. Some things don’t need to be kept in mind. Encounter is always unprepared, and parting is often a long-term plot. Some people will slowly fade out of your life. You have to learn to accept rather than miss.

Must not treat others as fools, in fact, everyone you can meet is smarter than you. If you can live in the world with such a mentality, your network will become wider and wider, more and more wealth, and life will be better and better! You must not be an ugly person, but the world is so cool, don’t be too kind! Ma Shan was ridden by people, and he was bullied by others.

In the growth and pursuit of life, you will find that the higher the level of a person, the more he will not pursue himself, but will pursue the selflessness. Why?

Ego is a kind of inner mapping. Everyone may ask from birth, who I am, where I come from, and where I go. In fact,”self” is a concept that we slowly learn in learning.

Ego comes from our inner feelings, from our reaction to things. The self itself does not exist. From a psychological point of view, the self is a concept that emerges from a fusion of our environment.

If there is no surrounding environment, self is meaningless. The ego is a concept that we slowly extend through our interaction with the environment.

Yaoji Yamamoto once said that the”self” thing is invisible, bumping into something else, and rebounding back, you will understand”self”.

Everyone sees the self that we have nurtured in the environment. What we think, see, and think will be constrained and affected by the environment.

A person who knows himself must find his inner self slowly by colliding with the environment. Our ego is the product of environmental fusion.

So we learned that if we want to build ourselves, we must work hard and polish in real life. Why do we often say that practice produces true knowledge?

A person’s powerful self is slowly finding his interests, hobbies and strengths in various exchanges and collisions in life, and then forming a personal growth trajectory.

The ego cannot escape the environment and restrain us. The more knowledgeable a person is, why he breaks through the self, also because he does all kinds of things, The self has various prejudices, Chinese people are used to saying that a person has too much personality and is often not integrated by others. This is the price of excessive pursuit of self. Self will make us see no one else.

When we are kidnapped by the so-called self, sometimes we live in self-prejudice. Wang Yangming once said that there is no kindness and no nausea.

True people with high levels tend not to have much prejudice, so too. They understand that everyone’s self is affected by the environment, and each person’s self is actually a reflection and view of the world.

Ego often represents ego, which is a manifestation of our inner desires. We often say that character determines fate. Ego is the portrayal of our own destiny. What do we pursue internally? How will our destiny appear naturally?

Psychologically there is a retina impression, meaning that what each of us sees is related to our inner world choices.

For example, if you buy a Mercedes-Benz, you will notice that many people on the road may have this car. Our personal vision is internally related to us.

This is consistent with what Wang Yangming said, you have not seen this flower, this flower is silent with you; you come to see this flower, this flower blooms with Ru.

This is what we are, and our inner biases will allow us to treat things with our own subjective views and opinions. The same is true when we argue with others. Everyone sees what they want, and naturally they will have different opinions.

The pursuit of selflessness will break the inner prejudice, and your pattern will become higher and higher. A person wants a higher level, and the reason to pursue selflessness is also because he understands his prejudice. And if we want to see a bigger world, we must break our attachment.

No self allows us to look at ourselves with an empty cup mentality. No self does not mean that there is no me, no self is to look at ourselves as a whole.

No self can be understood as the sea and a small drop of water. Wuwu will appreciate the existence of each small water droplet. He is a whole consciousness, will realize the insignificance of self, and will also realize the pursuit of self.

A person who possesses the consciousness of selflessness can only break the inner prejudices. When you can realize the selflessness, you will forget the existence of self, but Knowing everyone’s existence wholeheartedly is what we call the empty cup mentality. But look at everything with an inner compassion.

Empty cup is to empty yourself, not to emphasize self-existence, but to face anyone with selflessness, you will understand each other, and you will see why the other person has such thoughts, His thoughts and thoughts are also derived from the education and environment he received.

People who have no self no longer like to judge the right and wrong of others, but know that everyone’s cognition is driven by the growth environment and the times.

If we want to surpass ourselves, we must experience the diversity of the world. This diversity will give us a clearer concept of the world as a whole.

No self will let us see our paranoia, and it will allow us to be more objective in dealing with people, whether it is knowing people or getting along with people, can help us grow up Came out and saw a bigger world and became smarter.

Without the self, it also allows us to lose a lot of internal entanglements, but to constantly improve our own level, break our inner prejudice, and no longer have a difference, but understanding and acceptance Only by the diversity of life can we understand the value of life.

The selflessness will also let us stand at the top, seeing the diversity of human nature, and let us understand that if we want to make progress in our life and career, the pursuit of selflessness is the best The choice is also the biggest pattern. When you can understand the complexity and diversity of this world, you will stand farther than others, see far, and walk naturally.

I think that the formation of this thought is the continuous accumulation of my inner heart, forming a scale that guides my behavior. It is precisely because our heart has a great influence on our behavior, that is why we receive education, improve our quality, and cultivate ourselves. This is not just to improve ability, but more to cultivate sentiment, purify the soul, and make the heart full, noble, and elegant.

When a person’s heart is full, aura, wisdom, and charm are born. The inner beauty is not only reflected in kindness, but also shows nobleness.

Countless people in history have passed through the selection and screening of human beings through the ages and have been handed down to this day. This in itself is a huge success. What is the reason? I thought it was because of their spirit and their personality that they are the wealth of their own nation and the most precious wealth of all of us.

Throughout the history of China and foreign countries, there are Qu Yuan, who has”the road is long and its cultivation is long, and I will seek for it up and down,” with his inner ethics; Wen Tianxiang,”Wealth cannot be prostitute, Poverty cannot be moved, Power cannot be bent”; Yu Qian, who”is not afraid of bones and bones, only leaving the white and the whole world intact”; and Hai Rui, who has”two sleeves and fresh wind”…they belong to the Chinese nation Spine.

There are also Bruno who devote themselves to the pursuit of truth abroad; there is lifelong poverty, and noble character, Luther who becomes the spiritual leader of Germany; there is Chopin who buried his heart on your way to the motherland; and Churchill, who contributes all the”blood, sweat and tears” to the country; their personality is an invaluable asset in human civilization. The spirit and character of these outstanding figures, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, have built the foundation of human civilization. Once this foundation is shaken, the future and destiny of human society will be unbearable.

Some people may shake their heads and say,”Spirit and quality are too illusory. I want something practical.” However, friend, have you ever asked yourself when you are guarding a bunch of When the ill-gotten wealth is awakened by the police siren in your sleep; when you are enjoying a life full of flowers and the world is empty, are you practical? Are you happy?

&34; No pace, no miles, no small streams, no rivers.&34; The horse knows the meaning of foot power, so it can gallop miles. Jiang He understands the concept of trickle, so he can expand himself to the same level as Haitian. mutual encouragement!