Criticizing Chinese football is ok, but don’t steal the concept

By yqqlm yqqlm

Recently, football commentator Liu Jianhong expressed his views on Chinese football and Chinese education. He said:

“The Chinese football team does not represent those two or thirty people. Whether you want it or not, they all represent this country and you. Although you can also refuse, it is true. So football The bleakness and failure of this is by no means the thing of those twenty or thirty or two or three hundred thousand people. Speaking of it, is Chinese education very good? Tsinghua Peking University can be ranked in the top 100, and it cannot cover the background of Chinese education. Pale. Which one is more speechless than the helplessness of entering the World Cup and the helplessness of being unable to get the Nobel? In the final analysis, the sluggishness of sports and the lack of educational concepts and functions will always affect our young people. Year after year, generation after generation.”

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This Weibo After it was issued, it annoyed Mr. Wang Xiaodong, a scholar who graduated from Peking University. He posted a video of more than 20 minutes on Weibo, and said,”Beijing Tsinghua University, and the contribution of Chinese education, compared with Chinese men’s football? Are you kidding me? Anti-intelligence will kill our nation!”

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I finished watching Mr. Wang Xiaodong’s video. He was filled with indignation, but I think he didn’t talk about the idea, he got angry and made the wrong target. Even on many key issues, he was shifting topics and stealing concepts. I have some different views on many of his words.

We are not trying to criticize anyone today, nor to justify the level of Chinese football. I just think that criticism of Chinese football in good faith is okay, but remarks that are not constructive and only know about inciting”anti-Chinese football sentiment” are not good for anyone. Below are my different views on some of Mr. Wang’s remarks.

“The topic is caused by a guy who engages in men’s football”

Wang uses the term”man who engages in men’s football” to call each other, Try to express disdain for the other party and disdain for the other party’s views. However, what is called”the man who engages in men’s football?” This topic was initiated by Liu Jianhong. You can call him a football commentator or a person in the football industry. But calling him”a man who engages in men’s football” is neither rigorous nor accurate.

Liu Jianhong expressed his opinion not because he is a stakeholder in the football industry, but merely to talk about his own views on Chinese football and Chinese education. Even if Chinese football is dead, Liu Jianhong will express his opinion. It has nothing to do with whether he is a”men who engage in men’s football”. Don’t habitually label people, artificially create camps and oppositions. Moreover, since any industry can evaluate Chinese football, why can’t Liu Jianhong evaluate Chinese education?

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” In order to prove that the men’s football is not so bad”

Liu Jianhong’s original words did not say to”prove that the men’s football is not so bad”. This is entirely Mr Wang’s own assumption. Liu Jianhong’s original words were:The dismalness and failure of football is by no means the thing of those twenty or thirty or two or three hundred thousand people. Please note that his original words have the words”bleak” and”failure“. Where did you see that Liu Jianhong wanted to”prove that the men’s football is not bad”? No one in the Chinese football community has said recently that”Chinese football is not bad.” Everyone is not discussing the level of football, but the reason for the low level of Chinese football. No one’s starting point is”to prove that Chinese football is not bad.”

“It’s unfair for a large group of mindless people to scold Peking University and Tsinghua University”

Yes, this is true No problem. So, let’s continue with this sentence:”A large group of people with no brains scolding Chinese football, is this fair?” There are still many people who do not even watch football and do not have an investigation. I read Mr. Wang’s comment under Weibo. Some people said,”That ball should be banned long ago” and”The Chinese National Football League is just a shit.” Are these people brains?

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” Such anti-intelligence will drag our country and nation into the abyss.”

I don’t know where Liu Jianhong’s original text shows”anti-intelligence”. He said,”Tsinghua Peking University can be ranked among the top 100 The rankings cannot obscure the paleness of Chinese education.” Maybe according to Mr. Wang’s intention, as long as he criticizes Chinese education, it is “anti-intelligence”. Then I ask:What is the starting point for those who criticize Chinese education? Of course, to make Chinese education better. We will all have the next generation, and most of us hope that China’s next generation will get a better education, and hope that they will receive a better education in China, so as to serve the country, instead of going to Europe and the United States to become a model and forget their ancestors. White banana man. Therefore, When we see the shortage of Chinese education and point out, it is not to destroy Chinese education. But on the contrary, those who criticize Chinese football are often eager to end Chinese football. This is the difference between the two. As for the evidence, just look at the comments below Mr. Wang’s Weibo and it will be clear at a glance.

Besides, Liu Jianhong graduated from Renmin University of China. If a person who graduated from Renmin University of China and used to be a host at CCTV is also”anti-intellectual”, it just proves that Chinese education is indeed pale and fails.

In addition, the Chinese football community has always wanted a better public opinion environment. But there are always people who say,”If you don’t play well, you can’t scold?” That’s right. I also don’t think that cursing or not will affect the level of Chinese football. But for the same reason, I don’t think that Liu Jianhong’s comments on Chinese education can ruin the education sector and “drag the country and the nation into the abyss”. People can talk about their personal views on Chinese education. Listen if you can, and don’t listen if you can’t. These words can’t move anyone’s cake.

Besides, people in the Chinese football community are not”anti-intellectual”. Over the years, the Chinese football community has heard criticism from various parties, either professional or unprofessional. The different voices heard by the football industry and the transparency of the football industry are really incomparable to the education sector. At least, in the football industry, a Chinese B player who wants to impersonate Wu Lei to La Liga and replace Wu Lei’s life can’t do it.

“We can see how many of the country’s two bombs and one star are from Peking University and Tsinghua University”

No one Denying this, no one said that Peking University and Tsinghua University would not work. Liu Jianhong said,”Tsinghua Peking University can be ranked among the top 100 and can not obscure the paleness of China’s educational background.” The premise of this sentence is”Tsinghua Peking University can be ranked among the top 100.” First of all, affirm Tsinghua and Peking University level. The latter half of the sentence”can’t cover the paleness of the background of Chinese education” criticizes the”paleness of the background of Chinese education”. Before refuting others, please read his point clearly.

As for the background of Chinese education is not pale, everyone has their own views. If you think Chinese education is not pale, just put facts and reason. You cannot think that he is”attacking Peking University Tsinghua University” because of his views on Chinese education; similarly, your listing of Peking University Tsinghua University’s achievements does not mean that the overall Chinese education is as good as Peking University Tsinghua University.

I ordered a take-out at noon today. I said that this take-out is not delicious, which does not deny the overall level of Chinese cuisine; similarly, I accidentally ate a delicious snack in the UK, It does not mean that I think the overall level of British cuisine has reached a very high level. Intercepting the other party to speak only a few words, and then using their own likes and dislikes to steal concepts, force labels, and put on a hat should not be done by intellectuals.

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” Your contribution is negative”

Chinese football still contributes. Let’s just leave the job post—someone says that the contribution of Chinese football is to feed a lot of sprayers. To put it more noblely, it is a public spittoon of the Chinese people. If you understand it, you can scold it and step on it, but it provides an outlet for the release of negative emotions.

In addition, a phenomenon that I can hardly understand is that people who criticize poor Chinese football seem to always think that poor Chinese football is simply a problem of the football world, and it is only a problem of players and coaches. , Has nothing to do with other people. You don’t play football yourself, your children don’t play football, but people who choose to play football don’t play well. People who step into the football industry are carrying their own pressure and your insults, but they want to contribute to Chinese football. But you just want to”dissolve” Chinese football.

This is like if you don’t plant fruit trees yourself, and you think that the fruits grown by the fruit farmers are not good, and ask people in the world not to grow fruits. You have the right to choose not to plant trees, but do not swear at people who plant trees. After all, People who plant trees don’t pick up your house’s water or occupy your house’s land.

“We don’t use football to represent, we have table tennis”

Sports is just sports, Both Chinese football and Chinese table tennis have the word”China”. If you think sports do not have the right to represent you, neither football nor table tennis is representative. If you think Chinese table tennis can represent you, then Chinese football can naturally also represent you. And don’t forget, Cai Zhenhua, a famous table tennis player, also served in the Football Association. Then the question is coming:When Cai Zhenhua was in the Football Association, do you think he was a footballer or a table tennis player? Can Cai Zhenhua, who is working in the Football Association, represent you?

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“You make a lot of money, and some people are stupid because you cut leeks”

As a scholar who graduated from Peking University, Why do Chinese football players earn so much, I don’t believe it He doesn’t understand. Blindly attacking “earn earning more”, but do not analyze the reasons behind it, just want to provoke opposition. If one day, China’s football population reaches the level of football developed countries, and the foundation is larger, it will naturally produce more excellent players, and the players will naturally not be so”expensive”. Because no one plays football or engages in football, there are fewer and fewer football players, and the natural salary is getting higher and higher. They earn so much, and each of us is responsible.

As for”cutting leeks”, I don’t know what is cutting leeks. If the fans spend their money on the things they like, they are cut with leeks, then everyone should not consume anything except food and clothing. Not to mention, the spittoon in your eyes may be the holy grail in the eyes of others.

“I used to watch the ball, the spirit was admirable at that time”

This sentence is correct Now, Chinese football at this time really does not have the”spirit” of that time. So, The disappearance of these”spirits” does not mean that there is a problem with our education?