“Daughter-in-law, you haven’t paid me the living expenses this month””I won’t give you this life”

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Tagore said that hypocritical sincerity is more terrible than the devil.

I don’t know if you have encountered such a person in life. They have a charitable face with the word sincerity written on their faces. It’s polite to treat people, always smiling, with sincere light in his eyes. Such people are extremely popular, and people around them like to be with or work with them.

But the above is just one of them. When they leave the hustle and bustle, they don’t turn around and immediately put on another face and expression, revealing the dark side of their hearts.

This kind of person is hypocritical and sincere. There is nothing to say about split personality, but when you get along with it and discover its true face, it can also make people shudder.

The hypocritical and sincere people are lurking in our lives, Ta may be your relatives, your friends, your colleagues…

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Recent fan Jingjie Send me a private letter, complaining, full of grief, did not expect that the mother-in-law who has been around for many years is such a person!

What is it that makes the good-tempered Jingjie angry now? This also needs to start with Jing Jie’s family.

Sister Jing is in her forties, her husband died of illness the previous year. In order to treat the husband, almost all the savings in the family are spent.

Such a day is difficult for Sister Jing. In order to make a living, she worked three jobs. In addition to subsidizing the family’s income and taking care of two children, the earned money is also given a thousand yuan of living expenses to the mother-in-law each month.

Although Sister Jing is tired and bitter, whenever she hears her mother-in-law’s praise for her daughter-in-law, Sister Jing feels all the pain and tiredness suddenly disappeared. Everything is worth it.

One day, Sister Jing came home early and had no intention to hear her mother-in-law chatting with a group of old women in the community. The mother-in-law complained to others that her daughter-in-law was not filial, She never pays her living expenses, which are paid by her daughter.

After listening to it, Jing Jing felt completely cool. She didn’t expect her mother-in-law to be such a hypocritical person. She usually treated her like a daughter, but she ruined her reputation in the background. She was worthless.

Sister Jing, who has always been straight, gave up, and she was no longer giving money to her mother-in-law. So my mother-in-law came to the door and said,”Daughter-in-law, you haven’t paid me the living expenses this month!” Sister Jing said angrily,”I will never give you this life again!”

Later, the old lady couldn’t swallow this breath, and she moved the girlie as a rescuer. Sister Jing told the truth in 15:10, and her mother-in-law and little aunt suddenly became speechless. Later, Sister Jing said that the reason why her mother-in-law said bad things about her was that her mother-in-law had quarreled a few times for a little trivial matter, so she was bitter. But no matter what the reason, she smiled at her on the surface, but she said bad things behind her back, which could not be tolerated.


One set behind the surface

The last thing that traps you is yourself

Hypocritical sincerity, the reason why it is more terrible than the devil is because it is more harmful. Those who seem to be one set on the surface, and another set on the ground, are the ones who end up trapping themselves.

People stand in the world and are sincere. Hypocritical sincerity, or people with different appearances, is insincere. If you lose the word of sincerity, you will lose the foundation of being a person. Such a person will sooner or later collapse. Just like a tree, it cannot stand on the ground without a solid foundation.

This kind of”sincerity” is not a quality that only big men have to have, but everyone needs it. Treat people with family and intimate relationships more seriously.

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静姐Her mother-in-law thinks she is very smart, and she treats Jing sister sincerely on the surface. She is just coaxing her to be happy and coaxing her not to leave the house of her lost husband. After all, if Sister Jing remarries, the old lady will lose most of her dependence.

But there is no airtight wall in the world, and all things will be revealed the truth sooner or later. When she corrupted her daughter-in-law’s reputation in front of outsiders, it was her true expression of her daughter-in-law, who was not happy with the daughter-in-law. But she has lost her son, and she still counts on her widowed daughter-in-law in her life.

This kind of poor performance, in the end, was still broken, not only did not get any benefits, but also let the original filial daughter-in-law’s daughter chill, it is really worth the loss.


In front of family

Please take off the mask

Some people say that life is like a drama, it depends on acting.

Indeed, in this real society where everyone is under great pressure, sometimes we have to wear a mask and use the fake smile on the mask to please the world, this The mask conceals too much of our last resort and helplessness.

But some people are addicted to wearing hypocritical masks and gradually become a habit. It is not only wearing a mask in front of outsiders, but also reluctant to take it off when you return home, treating your family as hypocritically as you are dealing with various people in society. Such a person not only tired himself, but also indifferent his family.

It reminds me of a scene in a movie where the female host insists on not removing makeup in front of the male host in order to maintain her perfect image in the male host’s mind. Every night she must wait for the male host to fall asleep before dare to remove makeup; and the next morning, before the male host wakes up, she has refined makeup. In the end, the hostess was finally exhausted by herself and was not confident, and the hostess was tired and unloved because of the misleading mask of the hostess.

What is home? It is a harbor, a place that can accommodate the most relaxed and comfortable posture of each family. In this place, family members can take off their masks and get along in the most frank and comfortable manner.

If you treat your family differently, you will be tired yourself and even your family. In this way, life has no sense of down-to-earth at all.

Sister Jing’s mother-in-law’s mistake is to put the mask on the back. Others put on masks outside and took them home to take them off; while her mother-in-law put on masks at home and took them off outside.

If you go the other way, you must make a big mistake.

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True heart for real heart

Hypocritical for hypocrisy

A lot of times, what you give the world will give you what the world will give you. If you give the world sincerity, the world will repay sincerity; and when you give the world hypocrisy, then it may be hypocrisy in return.

The heroine Wang Jiazhi in”Lust Caution” wears a fake mask to approach Mr. Yi with beautiful colors. Later, although she moved the truth, she reportedly told Mr. Yi to escape, but In the end, it was Mr. Yi’s vengeance to kill him.

Hypocrisis is sometimes not only a mask, but also like a pregnant belly. After a long time, it will always be seen. So, don’t be hypocritical about your little cleverness, because for clever people, maybe people have already seen through, and they won’t talk about it, just wait to see your poor acting.

Life is not easy, because of the existence of sincerity, it adds a little warmth. Please take off the mask of hypocrisy in front of those who treat you sincerely. Maybe you will not only lose nothing, but also get more.

In short, this world deserves your honesty.


How would you treat people who are”behind a set of surfaces”?