Decrypt China’s big case 054-“marry” into a wealthy man and shyly kill his wife

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October 2, 2004, was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada In a homicide that caused a sensation in the city, the deceased was a 31-year-old Chinese woman Tan Yihong, but her husband Su Mori, who immigrated to Canada with her a few months ago, did not know whereabouts. After vigorous cooperation between the Chinese and Canadian police, this murder case finally came to light. The murderer turned out to be Tan Yihong’s husband Su Sen! So, a loving couple who just emigrated abroad, why did the husband commit a poisonous hand on his wife?

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“Marrying” into the giants, the little cashier is overjoyed

When Su Mori’s friends heard that Su Mori strangled his lover in Canada, they were all stunned. Who doesn’t know that Su Mori is a famous”wife strict”, and the symptoms are not light. Not long ago, my friends immigrated to Susumi and they emigrated to Canada together. But a few months later, the comedy turned into a tragedy. Tan Yihong broke away from his homeland and Su Sen was in prison.

Su Sen was born in an ordinary family in Beijing in 1967. Since childhood, he has been quite regular. Apart from being a bit stubborn, he has no outstanding characteristics. Su Sen studied step by step. Although his grades were not very good, he was admitted to the popular Finance and Trade College at that time. After graduating from university in 1991, Su Sen was assigned to a bank as a cashier, which was a good job that everyone envyed at the time. Bank treatment is high, and Su Sen looks handsome, and he is known as the Prince Charming in the unit. There are obviously more people coming home to give relatives to Su Sen. However, Su Sen seems to have no such ribs, and still eats, drinks, and plays, not paying attention to this matter at all.

Two years later, Prince Aries of White Horse finally waited for the arrival of Snow White. In August 1993, a slim girl named Tan Yihong came to the bank in her 20s. Tan Yihong has a cheerful personality, treats people well, and communicates with colleagues more. Such a young and beautiful girl is striking after all, especially those young bachelors, who are all about to move, including Su Sen.

In the pursuit of Tan Yihong, Su Sen is not the best condition, but the most persistent. Tan Yihong killed many suitors on the grounds that he was young and had to work well. Only Su Sen persisted until the end. Su Sen believes that even toads can eat white swans. In fact, many white swans are indeed eaten by toads, let alone he is Prince Charming. Finally, Su Sen moved Tan Yihong with a sincere attitude of two years, and one day in March 1995, the white swan Tan Yihong fell into the arms of Su Sen in a shy answer, and the two officially fell in love.

It was not until after the relationship was determined that at the request of Su Sen, Tan Yihong took Su Sen to meet his future parents-in-law. This meeting made Su Mori, who was always arrogant, overjoyed. When entering Tan Yihong’s house, Su Sen finally understood what is meant by”luxury”, Tan Yihong’s wealthy family almost shocked Su Sen. Tan Yihong’s father used to be a high-level leading cadre in a unit. He is now in business and has tens of millions of properties. Tan Yihong’s mother is a high-level cadre. It can be said that Tan Yihong’s family is distinguished and wants money and money and status and status.

The family only has a baby daughter like Tan Yihong, so since Tan Yihong was born, her parents have designed everything for her, and now the marriage is in front of her parents. Regarding the arrival of Su Sen, Tan Yihong’s parents behaved indifferently. Perhaps he was not very satisfied with Su Sen himself, and he might not be enough for ordinary families of Su Sen. However, after all, Tan Yihong is the only daughter of this family. He has always been spoiled by his parents. Since his daughter likes it and is a colleague of a unit, his parents are not good. For the happy life of the baby daughter, Tan Yihong’s parents also acquiesced with Su Sen.

Although Su Sen was a little dissatisfied with Tan Yihong’s concealment of his family at first, he was afraid that others would say that he was climbing a high branch, but in the end, love beat everything. Moreover, who doesn’t want to find a girlfriend with a good family.

After the two got married in April 2000, Susen’s family was unable to buy a house for them, and buying a house on the basis of the salary income of their two young people was even more costly. Tan Yihong’s parents couldn’t bear to suffer their daughter, so they let the young couple live with them. Although Su Sen was very reluctant to send someone to live in the house of his father-in-law, but he was unable to buy a house, he had to do this expedient measure.

Su Sen thought that people under the eaves had to bow their heads. After getting married, you and your wife are the same family. You have a normal family background. Your future and life will depend on your father-in-law’s family. Therefore, in order to express his loyalty to Tan Yihong, Su Sen handed over his financial power to his wife and paid all his wages to him. Tan Yihong put his pocket money on time every month, and Su Sen didn’t have any opinions. Anxin and Tan Yihong lived their small lives. Su Sen thought:”In the future, all the family’s property will belong to me and my wife. What else do you share with me?”

Su Sen is a man who spends a lot of money. He has made many friends. Some entertainment, so that pocket money in Su Sen’s pocket will be spent particularly fast. Sometimes the guests are invited several times in a row, and the bottom is in the pocket. Su’s”fault” was soon revealed by his wife. Tan Yihong began to look through Su Sen’s pocket. When he saw that he had more money in his pocket, he took it out and replaced it when it was less. Sen felt that his wife was caring about herself, worry-free and satisfied.

However, Tan Yihong’s control of money has made Su Sen slowly stretched. For a period of time, he invited his friends to eat several times in a row. Tan Yihong thought he was spending too much, and would inevitably mumble a few words. In this regard, although Su Mori was not very happy, after all, he was too excessive, so he still accepted his wife’s choice.

Husbands and wives are guilty of conflicts and escalating conflicts

Su Sen’s family situation cannot be compared with Tan Yihong, so Su Sen is confirming his relationship with Tan Yihong Since then, he has been working hard to close the gap between them. After working in the bank for a few years, Suson felt that he did not have the opportunity to develop his talents and wanted to find another place to prove his ability. Tan Yihong also felt that it was no good for Su Sen to work in his unit, and hoped that Su Sen would go out and start a career.

With the encouragement of Tan Yihong, at the end of 1995, Su Sen resolutely resigned his enviable banking job and devoted himself to the sea of ​​business. Later, with the help of Tan Yihong’s parents, Su Sen went to work for a trading company. However, the average ability of Su Mori did not work well in this company and did not make any achievements after working for several years. After marrying Tan Yihong, Su Sen, who was tired of this company, begged Tan Yi Hong to help him change jobs, so Tan Yi Hong found his uncle who was leading in a certain unit, and the uncle asked Su Sen to work at the ticket agency of his company and give Su Sen arranged the position of manager.

Tan Yihong’s family thought Su Sen should be satisfied this time and worked hard. Who knows how to work for a few years, Su Sen still did nothing, and did not want to do it again. This time Tan Yihong was also angry and asked Su Sen to find a job, but after a few days of running away, Su Sen, who is younger than him, now has a lot of young people with high education and high ability. No company wants him. , So he was too lazy to go, so he ate at home for a meal.

After getting married for a long time, both tempers were exposed. They are both stubborn and temperate. The two often quarreled for a little bit of fury.

Because he lives with his father-in-law and mother-in-law, Su Mori is”at leisure” at home, living a life with clothes to open his mouth to stretch out his hands, and they have to make the two old people whisper, and they can’t help but remind their daughter. Whenever Tan Yihong came home from get off work, he found that Su Sen was either watching TV or playing games, so he didn’t get angry. One time Tan Yihong said angrily:”Look at yourself, are you still like a man? Which man doesn’t work outside to make money to support the family? You know to eat leisure! How can I blindly find you this burdensome”Su Sen is also anxious:”Who are you cumbersome? I just don’t have a job, what’s the big deal.” Su Sen didn’t dare to continue arguing with Tan Yihong.

That night, when Tan Yihong took a shower, her cell phone suddenly rang and Su Sen answered the phone with ease. Whoever knew that the other party heard a male voice immediately hung up. Su Sen was baffled. When he checked his phone number, he was actually his former colleague Wang Jingsheng in the bank. At that time, Wang Jingsheng was also one of Tan Yihong’s suitors, and he is still in the same unit as Tan Yihong. Reminiscing that recently Tan Yihong often dressed up and went out beautifully, and often socialized outside. Sometimes he came home late at night. He couldn’t help but suspense Su Sen. Then Su Sen checked Tan Yihong’s mobile phone text message and found another king. With ambiguous text messages from Jingsheng, Su Sen couldn’t help being jealous.

Su Sen couldn’t control his anger. When he rushed into the bathroom, he shouted at Tan Yihong’s head and his face:”Well, I said, why did you start to scorn me? It turned out that I had a good look outside.”Tan Yihong didn’t figure out what happened for a long time, and hurriedly explained, but Su Sen couldn’t hear anything, and the two began to quarrel. Since then, suspicious Su Sen has often interrogated Tan Yihong, and the relationship between the two was tense once. Tan Yihong looked at Su Sen and didn’t do anything, but she always suspected herself. She simply came and neither admit nor deny it, so Su Sen was turning around in the house all day.

Suspecting his wife having an affair, it was the fuse that led to the fierce conflict between Su Su and Tan Yihongsheng. But the deep-seated reason is that he lives in his father-in-law’s house and has the ability to accomplish a career. Susen feels extremely inferior. As the cold war with his wife escalated, Su Mori was particularly uncomfortable and contradictory. He wanted to break up with Tan Yihong, but he couldn’t get rid of this cruelty. The family also advised him to be patient and never divorce. During this time, Su Sen changed his whole body, became silent and grumpy.

But such a life is not normal after all. In order to save his marriage and to give himself a future, Su Sen thought of going abroad. If you go abroad, only Tan Yihong and yourself will be gone. You will no longer be trapped by others, and you won’t be threatened by your rivals. How great. Su Sen remembered that in June 2002, her mother-in-law once mentioned that she had a familiar person to immigrate to Canada. At that time, she also asked the young couple if they wanted to immigrate.

After making up his mind, Su Sen solicited Tan Yihong’s opinion on immigration to Canada. Tan Yihong was undecided. So Su Sen proposed to his father-in-law and mother-in-law that he wanted to immigrate to Canada, thinking that he could find a new exhibition when he went out. In the future, having a child is Canadian, and Chinese foreigners are more popular in China. The second son of the Tan family saw that his daughter had no objection and felt that Su Sen had this idea to support. As parents, they should create a good environment for them, which is better than staying in China.

Tan Yihong’s parents do investment immigration for his daughter-in-law, that is, those who have investment in Canada, and his family can immigrate to Canada. For immigration, Tan Yihong’s parents spent a total of 650,000 yuan, including Su Sen’s parents took 100,000 yuan.

Immigration abroad, strangling wife during quarrel

On August 2, 2004, after completing all immigration procedures, Su Sen and Tan Yihong arrived in Canada Alberta Edmonton City, because Tan Yihong’s cousin Zhao Wen immigrated to Edmonton City 3 years ago, so They also chose the city and thought that they could have a look after each other. Cousin Zhao Wen helped them rent a one-bedroom apartment in advance for a monthly rent of $450.

One month after arriving in Canada, Su Sen and Tan Yihong’s permanent resident cards were also obtained. In an unfamiliar country where people are not familiar with each other, both of them felt very at a loss. Tan Yihong decided to go to the language school to learn English first, turn off the language first, and talk about the survival later.

Before leaving the country, Tan Yihong and Su Sen wire transfered 13670 Canadian dollars to the Bank of Canada through the bank. After arriving in Canada, the two received a local credit card, 6835 Canadian dollars per person. But all this money belongs to Tan Yihong. Tan Yihong only gives Susen 5 Canadian dollars a day. When Susen needs money, he must ask his wife to ask for it. Tan Yihong never dreamed that such control over money would make him stunned.

The two of them have classes in the language school from Monday to Friday, so Su Sen and Tan Yihong are staying at home in addition to the class, or meeting with their cousin to eat, life is very monotonous. After all, neither of them had a job. Tan Yihong missed his domestic life very much, so Tan Yihong often made international long-distance calls to his parents and friends at home. Sometimes he was met by Su Sen and asked who she called, but Tan Yihong ignored it. He, the phone was still hustle and bustle, and cheers continued. After playing too much, Su Sen suspected that Tan Yihong was calling Wang Jingsheng. Su Sen was very angry about this, thinking that he had come to Canada with his wife, but his wife still missed people in China. Su Sen always endured this tone, but he did not know when he could endure.

When he left Beijing and arrived in Canada, Su Sen felt that he had finally left his life under the fence, and the threat of love rivals was lifted, but he did not expect to live in a foreign country where people are strange, not only does his wife miss the people in the country, but also lives on his own. It is even more difficult. The wife only pays 5 Canadian dollars a day and can only spend her fingertips. It is not as good as spending money in the country. With no one to talk to, Su Sen’s heart became more and more depressed, and his temper gradually became violent, and began to quarrel with Tan Yihong. The relationship between the two became more and more tense. Two full months after arriving in Canada, Su Mori finally had an attack.

On the afternoon of October 2, 2004, that day was Saturday, cousin Zhao Wen called Tan Yihong to have dinner at 6pm. Su Sen, who came back from the library to see a book, saw Tan Yihong sitting at the dressing table and dressing herself up. Su Sen remembered that her home was about to run out, so she wanted to take advantage of the weekend time to purchase and complete the daily necessities for the next week. So Su Sen said to Tan Yihong:”You give me 25 Canadian dollars, I’m going to buy something.” Tan Yihong said while drawing his eyeshadow:”If I don’t give it to you, you will know how to spend money, and I won’t see you make money. I still have something to do. To go out, stay at home and buy it again on Sunday.”

See Tan Yihong’s cold tone, Su Sen was anxious when he heard:”No, you have to give it to me today, I have something to do on Sunday.””Tan Yihong threw the cosmetics on the table and stood up and said,”What are you in a hurry? I don’t have money today, I’m going out.” Then I went out.

Su Sen grabbed Tan Yihong:”Today you don’t give me money, you can’t go, I’m fed up, why are you so bad to me? A big man has no money, how can you let me live?

Tan Yihong also got angry and yelled at Su Sen:”Su Sen, where I am not good for you, you are a terrible heart! Today I just don’t give you money, you can take me What’s wrong!” Tan Yihong felt deeply aggrieved. She grew up under the doting of her parents and grew up without any setbacks. But when she comes to a foreign country, she will face her husband’s fists and feet alone, and no parents will come to help. So the more she talked, the more excited she almost shouted and said:”Suson, you know to beat your wife, what kind of thing are you, and you have nothing, what can you do except spend my money?”

Su Sen stood there and was dropped by Tan Yihong, standing there nowhere. All the blood in his body rushed to his head, and his head was blank. Su Sen slaps in anger and Tan Yihong rushes up to scratch his face with his hand. Su Sen didn’t expect Tan Yihong to scold himself like this, and once again thought of his”green hat”, he felt that he was going crazy. He stepped forward and pinched Tan Yihong’s neck with his hand, and said in his mouth:”I strangled You, strangle you!” Until Tan Yihong didn’t move, Su Sen released her hand and sat exhausted on the ground.

Looking at the immovable Tan Yihong, when Su Sen realized that he had strangled his wife, he regretted and was scared, but his brain was blank, and he struggled to come to the living room, on the sand Sitting there forever. Su Sen sat blankly in the living room for two hours before finally waking up in a knock on the door. It turned out that Zhao Wen, who had made an appointment with Tan Yihong at 6 o’clock, didn’t see Tan Yihong for more than an hour, and rushed to Tan Yihong’s house to knock on the door. Su Sen didn’t dare to open the door after hearing the knock, until Su Wen left, Su Sen sat there until the next morning.

In a panic, but unable to escape the restoration of the French Open

After Su Sen’s consciousness was fully awake, the first thing he thought of was to return home immediately. So Su Sen hid the body of Tan Yihong in the closet and covered it with his clothes. Then Su Sen packed up his belongings and left the house that he had rented for 2 months.

Sosen used a credit card to withdraw more than 1,000 Canadian dollars from an ATM and bought a ticket to Beijing on October 6. He dared not return to the house he rented, so he had to live in a hotel. In order to prevent others from recognizing themselves, Su Mori also bought two wig sets in a small shop he had visited. Because there is a murder case, the mentally exhausted Su Mori hides in a small hotel every day, worrying that the police will find him immediately.

Before returning home, in order to confuse Zhao Wen for delaying time, Su Sen called Zhao Wen and said,”We are renting a car with classmates to travel abroad, you call your home in the country and tell them not to Anxious, we will come back on October 6.” At the same time, Su Sen also sent two text messages to his nephew, telling his nephew to tell his parents, he and Tan Yihong went to travel abroad, and returned in a few days.

October 6, 2004, Su Morakura set foot on a plane returning home, and returned to Beijing on October 7. When the plane landed on the runway of Beijing International Airport, stepping down the aircraft ladder, Su Sen took a long sigh of relief, and a big rock pressed against his heart fell quietly. After leaving Canada, Su Mori’s mental pressure was a little lower, but he knew that the police would find himself at any time. So Su Sen did not go home, nor did he contact any relatives or friends, but bought a train ticket to Qingdao, Shandong that night, because that was the place he went to when he and Tan Yihong got married and traveled. After staying in Qingdao for two days, Su Sen took a taxi to Yantai, Weihai, and Dalian. These were the places he and Tan Yihong used to go. Every time Su Sen lived in a local star hotel because he did not have How much cash, had to use his and Tan Yihong’s bank card swipe to spend. Su Sen certainly did not think that it was his swipe card consumption that exposed his whereabouts.

Tan Yihong has not called the family since September 28. This has never happened. Tan Yihong’s parents were very anxious because the parents who were worried could call their daughter’s rented home, but No one answered. After receiving the call from Zhao Wen, the hearts of the two old men fell down. But after a few days, Tan Yihong still did not call back. The parents of the Tan family were anxious again, calling Tan Yihong and Su Sen’s mobile phones, either shutting down or no one answering.

On October 15, 2004, there was still no whereabouts of Tan Yihong and Su Sen. Feeling serious, Zhao Wen called the Canadian police and asked the police to check the whereabouts of Su Sen and Tan Yihong, but the police did not find any clues.

October 25, 2004, this day is Tan Yihong’s birthday, but she still did not call her parents in China, but Tan Yihong’s parents received a statement from the Bank of China. At first glance, the two elderly people actually saw their daughter’s credit card consumption records in China. They felt very strange, if Tan Yihong and Su Sen returned home, they had no reason not to go home. Tan Yihong’s father quickly called to inquire, and the bank told him that Tan Yihong’s credit card had a domestic consumption status after October 6th, in Qingdao, Yantai, and Dalian, respectively, for hotel accommodation consumption. However, Tan Yihong’s father inquired the records of the Border Defense Bureau, indicating that Su Sen had returned to China on October 7, but Tan Yihong had not returned.

An ominous premonition suddenly enveloped Tan Yihong’s parents. Tan Yihong’s father quickly called Zhao Wen to ask her to find Tan Yihong, but Zhao Wen said she could not find Tan Yihong, and the door of her house was locked. The frightened Tan family hurriedly asked Zhao Wen to call the Canadian police and asked to search Tan Yihong’s residence. In the afternoon of the same day, the Canadian police found a female body in the residence of Su Sen and Tan Yihong. The dead person was Tan Yihong.

At this time, Su Sen is hiding in Dalian, because there is not much money on the bank card, Su Sen is planning to rent a cheap house to live for a long time, but he did not expect that he has not waited for him to find a good house, On October 28, 2004, he was taken into custody by the Dalian police and lived under surveillance a month later. At the end of March 2005, after the Beijing police obtained key evidence from Canada, the First Branch of the Beijing Procuratorate approved the arrest of Su Sen.

Sumori who fled back home did not expect that every step in Canada was clearly investigated by the police, and 11 Canadians testified. After being arrested, Su Mori admitted frankly in the court that he murdered. In the final statement of the court, Su Mori confessed heavily:”The consequences of my crime now give my father-in-law and mother-in-law both financially and emotionally. Caused irreparable losses. I originally wanted to confess to my loved ones, but now I think that my body and mind should be used to bear the legal responsibility that I should bear. I want to use actual actions to express confession…I plead with the court On the premise of not reducing my sentence, can I not convict me of intentionally killing? This is not just a question of face. It’s just that I now think conscientiously. I didn’t think that way at the time. My father-in-law and mother-in-law are also a hurt.”

The law is ruthless, and any confession and remorse cannot change the justice and solemnity of the law, and the tears of loved ones cannot disappear with confession, let alone think Repent after committing a crime, and think that life deserves everyone’s respect and cherish.

On October 26, 2005, Su Sen was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first instance of the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court, and compensated Tan Yihong’s parents for 330,000 yuan in economic losses.

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