Demystifying CBA scoring madman Joseph Yang:Once asked Yao Ming to sign, he grew up to be a cousin of pickle

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Nanjing Tongxi team who lacked majors and Shanxi team played on the 15th In the middle, defender foreign aid Joseph Yang once again scored a super high scoring performance, he scored 57 points, and led the team to beat the opponent 115 to 100. This is already Yang’s three consecutive games with 50 points + points. Earlier, Yang had 74 points in a single game.

Because the Tongxi team is not a traditional giant team, the attention of the outside world is not high. But guard foreign aid Yang is a player with a story. Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter learned several interesting facts about Yang through interviews:

Although Yang’s career in the NBA is not long, his name is not loud, but his cousin It is a famous player:Paul George, an All-Star player who is currently playing for the Clippers. Yang is George’s cousin, and when George played for the Pacers, the two had briefly served as teammates. But what is more interesting is that Yang grew up to know his relationship with George.

Yang came to the CBA last season to play, but in fact His relationship with China is still very close. What few people know is that Yang once had the story of chasing stars with Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association. Yang grew up in Houston. He was also a fan of a Western team. When Yao Ming played for a Western team, Yang used to go to the sidelines before training to take a photo of Yao Ming for signature.

Not only that, before joining the CBA, Yao Ming once organized the Yao Ming Charity Tournament in China, and one year Yang was also a participating player to play in China. At the time, Yang expressed his feelings about coming to China for the first time. He said that he felt that Chinese fans’ love for basketball was extraordinary.

Yang came to the Nanjing Tongxi team last season to play. He averaged more than 30 points per game, but the team’s overall performance was not good. This season, Yang’s playing style has also undergone some changes. He Intentionally increasing his assists, he hopes to allow his teammates to be more involved and the team grow together. Moreover, Yang will also guide and help young players.

Beijing-Beijing Toutiao reporter was informed that Yang was in the last season Many times, I will come to the arena early in the morning to practice the ball. This time is also the time for some young players of the team to train. So Yang took these young players to train together to help them grow up. In fact, practicing in the early morning has long been Yang’s training habit. If you watch Yang’s social media, he often sends some videos of sweating in the stadium in the early morning in the United States.

Text/Beiqing Sports Song Xiang