Diagnosed cases reached 970,000, India began to reach out for money, and requested financial assistance from developed countries

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In the first half of this year, India was very active and frequently participated in regional conflicts. It did not care about the domestic epidemic situation. This kind of action caused the domestic epidemic situation to skyrocket daily, and its poor medical level also led to its The results of prevention and control work are not satisfactory. At present, the number of diagnoses in India has reached 970,000, becoming the third most severe country in the world, only after the United States and Brazil.

India The diagnosis is about to break through millions, and India seeks support

After seeing the severe situation of the domestic epidemic, and because the external conflict was hit, India finally softened its attitude and chose to maintain peace temporarily to deal with the internal epidemic. , But the epidemic at this time is probably beyond the scope of India’s tolerance. The number of diagnoses is close to one million, allowing Indian leaders to Modi Have to seek external help.

According to relevant media reports, July 13th, India A high-level political forum of the United Nations submitted a voluntary review report. In the report, India emphasized the severe losses suffered by the country under the pneumonia epidemic, and expressed that India needs all kinds of help from outside. It suggests that developed countries should treat developing countries. Provide financial assistance to help developing countries overcome the difficulties.

This behavior is not the first time. It happened in May of this year. At that time, India received a 500 million US dollar loan from the Asian Investment Bank, and then at the end of June, India borrowed from the Asian Investment Bank. 750 million US dollars in loans.

two The future of financial support is unknown, and India’s credit is damaged.

India does not lie about the severity of the country’s epidemic. After all, the number of diagnoses close to one million people does exist, but the money borrowed by India goes to The question of whether it is useful and where it is needed is still open to question. After all, after obtaining two loans from the Asian Investment Bank, India urgently chose not to import all kinds of urgently needed medical supplies, but to purchase all kinds of weapons. Equipment, Russian, American, French, whether it is ground equipment or a fighter, everything is available, but it is impossible to see how much India has spent on its own medical care.

Although the behavior of India cannot be concluded directly, most of them Developed countries may have been well aware of India for a long time. Although these countries have a relatively high economic level, the money is not too windy. There have been doubts about the whereabouts of the financial support of the Asian Investment Bank twice before. Obviously, India’s credit Because these doubts are damaged.

For India, the destination of the first two aid funds is only clear to them, but one thing to be clear is that the epidemic in India may not be delayed anymore. For assistance, India must devote all its energy to fighting the epidemic, otherwise the consequences will be very serious.