Did you really understand the battle of public opinion behind the new crown?

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More and more people are beginning to realize that the weather in the United States is not as sweet as they portray, but it has a decaying flavor.


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July 11, local time, United States President Trump wears a mask to visit the Walter Reed Military Hospital outside Washington to visit the wounded soldiers and medical staff

This epidemic is like a mirror, reflecting the ability of international governance It also clearly shows the reality of the war of public opinion. In the past, we said that the war of public opinion is a battle in which smoke cannot be seen. But this time, we clearly saw the smoke and the hostility behind it.

This time we can see the smoke, not only due to globalization, but also to the Internet. The incentive is the new crown epidemic. The failure of the US government’s response has made the epidemic gradually uncontrollable. In order to dump the pot, a scapegoat is needed, and China is regarded as the best scapegoat. Combined with the trade wars over the past few years and the damaged Sino-US relations, this scapegoat is even more operable.

The battle of public opinion did not happen suddenly, it was always there, whether you admit it or not. Experiments show that”if it happens gradually and not suddenly, we are more likely to accept cheating by others.” That is to say, the most effective penetration and smear is gradual, so that even if it is mixed with maliciousness and lies, it is It is easier to be accepted by people, and it is gradually believed that those are facts and truths, and are likely to become”network consensus”. It’s like when you come up and say that a person is guilty of evil. It’s difficult for people to accept it unless he commits a heinous crime; but if you say something bad that the person does not have every day, three points are true and seven points are false, and there is no In the face of a powerful rebuttal, it will not take long for the negative and even evil image of that person to solidify. In the eyes of people, he is not far from the great evil.

Similarly, discrediting the image of a government, lowering the moral standards of a nation, and weakening the self-confidence of a country can also be used to”peacefully evolve” in this way. This actually coincides with the United States'”peaceful evolution” plan more than half a century ago. But now with the Internet means, the operation is more convenient, the effect is more obvious, and the influence is more extensive.

In this regard, even American scholars admit that the United States has”rich experience” in the struggle between cultural penetration and ideology, which”by blatantly denying the image of socialist countries and people, the nationalism of the United States and The image of capitalism has been enhanced. Its typical strategy is to create or promote a good impression of the United States by inducing viewers to laugh at the incompetence of other degraded national cultures (or races). In the 1980s, Russia (the Soviet Union at that time) was The United States often taunts the goal.

In the Internet era, this American approach is still in the forefront, employing sailors and overseas”iron fans” on the Internet, especially on social media, to carry out long-term all-round mockings and attacks on target countries. In order to achieve the role of demonization, and through this special cultural penetration and cultural struggle, the people’s thinking in the target country will be shaken and chaotic, and their national cohesion will be weakened.

What a familiar taste, what a familiar recipe. The only difference is that all of this (shaming and penetration) is too eager. The most recent reason is the general election and the political needs of the United States, and the far cause is that China is catching up quickly. Without tripping over China, it would be too late. So, the battle of public opinion floated from the surface of the water and became what we see now.

Since it has been made public, everything will be dealt with in a pragmatic manner. The tough national team represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently been eye-catching, laughing and scolding, and flirting back the accusations and rumours of the other party. Even the teacher who taught body language was very enjoyable after reading it. He said that his eyes were sharp, but his eyes were disdainful.

On the Internet, the familiar rhythm of the past is not working. After several years of observation and thinking, more and more people begin to realize that the weather in the United States is not as sweet as they depict. Instead, it has a rotten taste. Especially for this epidemic prevention and control, our side almost crushed the other side, and the people-based victory over the money-based.

Trump finally put on a mask, and finally lived into what he hated. In this battle of public opinion, it is the facts that ultimately determine the role. The so-called facts speak louder than words. In the face of the increase of 50,000, 60,000, 70,000… diagnosed by the new crown every day in the United States, all traditional efforts are ineffective. Especially with the Internet, the concept of the global village is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. All means of public opinion warfare will only work in a balanced situation. After the authorities are turned to one side, the Americans have to wash and sleep. Anyway, the American moon tonight is no rounder than China’s bright moon.

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