Documentary of the world’s major case

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This girl is named Lin Lin, this year’s name is Lin Ren (26) Australian Chinese.

Lin Jun, 11 years ago, like most girls, has a happy and beautiful family, and his own parents And two younger brothers living together and living an ordinary and warm life

However, all this happened in 2009 The summer vacation came to an abrupt end…

In the summer of that year, their family was tragically destroyed, Lin Jun’s parents and two younger brothers, and their aunt came to visit them, They were brutally killed. Only Lin Jun, who was out for a summer vacation with her classmates, survived…

She was participating in a school-organized outing at the time, and when she played with her classmates, she received News link sent by a friend. Although she tried hard not to admit it, the photos of the scene of the murder were exactly the same as her own home.

How much she hopes this is not true Yes, hope is just a nightmare. However, when the police found her and her relatives hugged her in tears, she finally realized that all this was true

She stayed overnight Lost all his family forever

Her father, Lin Lin (Min Lin) and her mother Lin Yunli (Lily Lin).

Two younger brothers, 12-year-old Henry Lin and 9-year-old Lin Tao (Terry Lin).

There is Irene Lin who lives in her home.

All of my dearest family members were brutally hit by poisoned hands. The police said that they were killed by a”hammer” hit by a murderer and became Unrecognizable. It means that the murderer is extremely ruthless and may resent the family…

The scene that Lin Jun saw when she returned home made her shocking and on the verge collapse. Blood stains everywhere in the house

The door handle of Aunt Lin Yunbin’s bedroom was also covered with Blood stains, it’s hard to imagine how she struggled before she died…

Parents The little bed in the bedroom, whenever his brother Lin Tao was afraid of falling asleep in his room, he would come here. It’s empty nowadays

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