Does geoscience really have civilization? The latest scientific discoveries tell you these facts are not groundless

By ddzyx

Text:Xingwen said

With the development of technology, we have been able to soar into space, land on the moon, Mars, etc. on a planet far away from tens or even hundreds of millions of kilometers . But for the earth itself, humans still have too many questions.

Even if the radius of the earth is only more than 6,000 kilometers, we still know nothing about its interior, and most of the observation methods are helpless against the heavy earth.

However, in recent days, scientists have discovered a strange thing, a huge amount of oxygen is continuously sucked into the earth’s heart from the mantle. Many people may wonder how scientists discovered this. How can we directly observe that the earth’s core is eating oxygen through a thickness of several thousand kilometers?

It is true that scientists cannot directly penetrate the earth’s crust and core, and directly observe the oxygen in the core. But they used another thing that can penetrate the earth:seismic waves. When the same seismic wave passes through objects with different densities, its velocity will be different. Using this, scientists analyzed the shape of the seismic waves reflected from the core, and found that the density of the liquid core outside the core did not match the theory and was too small. This also attracted the attention of scientists. After excluding other elements such as silicon, scientists finally locked in oxygen, and what it would look like when the oxygen reached the center of the earth. You must not look at the situation as usual.

scientists believe Some of the oxygen did not roll and bubble in the liquid iron or make the iron rust, but was directly decomposed into oxygen atoms under the ultra-high temperature and pressure in the earth’s center. Traveling freely in the iron atomic stack makes the density of molten iron smaller. Compared with the density of pure molten iron, it has buoyancy.

The research team led by Dario, a physicist from the University of London, discovered this strange event. Although they knew that the association was devouring oxygen, they did not know the reason.

Thousands of kilometers of mantle cut off almost all observation methods of mankind. And we can’t directly reach the geocentric observation. If there is no other more effective method, scientists can never make the best judgment on the composition of the earth. Some people infer whether the earth’s geocentric world is eating a lot of oxygen?

We all know that there are scenes in some science fiction novels, that is, we still have some creatures under the earth, and have a very large empire, there may be some underground civilizations. It’s just that we haven’t found it yet.

Because now the technology is not developed, we can’t reach the center of the earth. So we know nothing about the secrets of the earth’s center. It is understood that the deepest drilling distance reached by modern humans is 12 kilometers. But we all know that the earth’s crust has reached 17 kilometers. So when we compare the earth to an egg, we haven’t even broken the eggshell, so it is even more impossible to study the secret of the earth’s center.

But in 1994, an earthquake occurred in South America, with a magnitude of 8.2, and this earthquake was very powerful, even reaching 660 kilometers below the surface. Some scientists have also conducted in-depth research on this earthquake.

Scientists have discovered hidden mountains 660 kilometers below the surface. They found that by calculating the path of the simulated seismic waves, they found that the mantle transition zone 660 kilometers underground is not as smooth as people think, but very rugged, just like the mountains on the surface, and even the undulation gap in some places exceeds The height of Mount Everest, that is to say, the roughness of different substances throughout the ground is different. For some flat parts under the modern surface, many scientists have also questioned. The research on these rough areas is also more in-depth. Some experts said that it may be that the mixture of ancient and modern has been disturbed, so this kind of result was produced.

This earthquake also gave people a very important direction for underground research. It can be said that in the development and evolution of the earth for so long, we do not know many situations. It can only be understood slowly through the development of technology. It can be said that it is not impossible to discover the geocentric world in the future. Is our earth really hollow?

Is there really an advanced civilization system that is more technologically advanced than Earth Civilization? With the different places in different regions on the earth, gradually discovered underground cities of different sizes and ancient architectural cities found in the underwater world. Archaeologists have studied and found that some cities do not seem to have sunk into the ground due to changes in the earth’s crust, but it is likely that they are themselves architectural cities built inside the earth. After these ancient architectural cities were excavated, they were found to be quite well preserved, without any traces of destruction caused by crustal movement.

Especially, many of the equipment left inside seem to be much more advanced than the civilization of the earth.

In the beginning, archaeologists analyzed that it was very likely that the earth was occupied by alien creatures in the early days. Many civilization monuments on the earth, as well as the underground cities found in the earth are mostly alien creatures. Earth architecture left. Later, with the prevalence of the geocentric theory, more explorers claimed that they had traveled to the geocentric world and saw a beautiful ecological environment completely different from the surface world of our earth, as well as the sun, moon, stars and high-tech civilization. Life situation.

in archeology Researchers have speculated and derived a new point of view. The interior of the earth may not be hollow, but there are different levels of energy layers inside the earth. Some energy layers have a very high frequency. It is likely that the rotation of the earth is affected by the earth’s rotation. Different vibration frequencies of different energy layers inside, and the result of the combined action of the energy matrix formed. When the high-frequency vibration on one energy layer and the high-frequency vibration on other energy layers form a certain energy point resonance, you can open a space wormhole and connect to another Dimensional space.

So the legendary geocentric world may not be in the geocentric, but a three-dimensional world from another dimension space, that is, the world of”same dimension and different phase”. It is because of the reality of the space world in another dimension that we can see the equally incredible astronomical landscapes such as the sun, moon and stars, as well as ancient creatures and plants that no longer exist on the earth.

Is there really an energy layer matrix inside the earth?

If it exists, the source of the earth’s rotation force really comes from the energy layer matrix inside the earth and the entrance of other dimensions of the same-dimensional anomaly. Is it really related to the energy layer inside the earth?

Perhaps the analysis of scientific researchers is correct, or there may be some imperfections, but I believe that one day, scientists will find the real answer.

Do you think the geocentric world exists? If it exists, do you think the interior of the earth will be empty? Or is it the status quo of the world from another dimension?

Although humans have lived on the earth for so many years, we still have a lot of things we don’t understand about this familiar environment. We can’t understand the truth of the disappearance of the dinosaur civilization, and we can’t understand the explosion of the Cambrian species. Although humans have ruled the earth, we still don’t know much about its past. Many scientists have raised questions in the past. In the historical era, have some ancient civilizations ever been carried on? In the vague ancient miracles of modern society, people have always created a feeling that there existed ancient civilizations before humans. We are more advanced, but suddenly disappeared, and scientists are puzzled.

However, due to the lack of material information in the ancient times, many people have focused their attention on the geocentric world. Because we already know the surface world of the earth very well, leaving only the mysterious underwater world and the geocentric environment hidden under the surface.

Although the ocean contains all kinds of life, in that mysterious space, it is theoretically impossible to exist ancient civilizations like dinosaurs, but the inner world is different. In many ancient legends, when floods and volcanic eruptions erupted, there were many places on the surface of the earth, and some cracks just opened the world to the center of the earth.

At that time, scientists also exhausted their thoughts to drill through the surface, discover the inner geocentric world, and see if there is ancient civilization hidden there.

About geocentric scientists explained this. Humans often have various illusions about an unknown creature, precisely because of our lack of exploration of the internal structure of the earth’s core, but no one dares to make a conclusion easily.

Some scientists even suggested that there have been 6 civilizations among human beings. They are all truly ancient civilizations, and even the dinosaurs are only ranked third.

And we humans are called the seventh civilization. They speculated that the five civilizations in the legend must have left fire in the geocentric world, and even they lived in the geocentric world. So is the legend of the earth-centered world true? All this, it is not easy for human beings to make a conclusion now. However, with the future breakthrough of human application of science, I believe that one day, we will be able to penetrate the study of the geocentric and even enter the mysterious geocentric world. I believe that the mystery of the legend about the geocentric world will be solved one by one. What is your opinion on this?