Don’t admit it, this is the gap between you and the female star

By yqqlm yqqlm

Hello everyone, this is egg and egg paste.

You who came in at the title, put away the 50m knife first, and listen to me from the beginning!

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It is said that the female star’s physique is not enviable, as can be seen from the hair!

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Full length and short duration I don’t want to talk about it when it’s black, every day I do styling and tossing my hair, and all of them are kings of hair volume!

Glossy and beautiful, sparkling like the lake water at four o’clock in the afternoon~

Puffy and supple, casually flicking is all kinds of style!

Bang bang bang, my sister is not hair, but my heartstrings!

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Now, there is no female star The same face (no, I say myself), the same fluffy and beautiful hair of female stars must be arranged!

Start by choosing the right shampoo!

How to choose shampoo for egg and egg paste small classroom?

Hair texture, function, ingredients…all for you!

The main function of the shampoo is to clean excess oil on the scalp hair, As well as the dirt and other dirt contaminated in daily life. A qualified shampoo bottle must first have sufficient cleaning power, and then add some additional ingredients to achieve a fluffy, supple and moisturizing effect.

If you want to choose your favorite shampoo, you should know your hair quality and required functions first, then find the corresponding ingredients in the formula table, and you’re done~

  • 1. Healthy hair:mild cleansing (surfactant)

If your scalp hair is healthy and healthy, you only need to clean it, then focus on it The surfactant in the formula table provides good detergency and rich foam for the shampoo, making the shampoo have an excellent cleaning effect.

The following are common surfactants:

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· Anionic surface activity:sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, etc.

· Amphoteric activity:amphoteric sodium acetate, Betaine-terminated ingredients

· Non-ionic surface activity:glucoside-terminated components, MEA-terminated components

· Amino acid surface activity:cocoyl glycinate potassium, etc., the name will be Words with amino or amino acid

ps:Ranked by [decreasing cleaning effect sequentially, increasing mildness sequentially] ranking

Shiseido Water’s Secret Shampoo

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Reference price:74 yuan/450ml

Taste:a bit strange, but not difficult to accept

Texture:white pearl powder texture, general fluidity

Foam:dense and delicate, easy to foam

The unique water source cleansing component can remove the calcium ions that accumulate on the inside and outside of the hair and cause the hair to dry out. The feeling of use is relatively gentle. Moisture is enough, it is recommended for sisters who wash their hair every day and have no more needs!

To tell the truth, you can choose whatever you want without any scalp problems, and egg mayonnaise is not recommended any more! After all, there are oil-headed stars, blow-up party, bald little baby… waiting for me!

  • 2. Oily hair:refreshing and fluffy (avoid oil)

The cranial crest is one inch tall, and the head is a small circle!

As you have oily hair, you can not only have the same fluffy high cranial crest as the female star, but also make yourself look small, young, and energetic…and it’s also easy for people with greasy hair Back off!

Therefore, when you choose a shampoo, remember to avoid the polydimethylsiloxane oil and vegetable oil in the formula table which are thick and non-volatile oily ingredients.

Liu Shen refreshing oil control shampoo

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Reference price:43 yuan/720ml

Taste:You know the taste of Liushen!


Foam:dense and delicate

0 silicone oil micron emulsification technology, to reduce the burden on oily scalp, add certain Menthol can be used for a second to cool down, Liushen original liquid is refreshing to remove oil, in short, it is super suitable for oil head stars!

AminoMason shampoo conditioner set

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Reference price:208 yuan/450ml✖2

Scent:fresh and good smell


Foam:dense, delicate and rich

oily hair, easy to collapse hair…Buy it! The hair after washing and drying is refreshing, smooth and fluffy visible to the naked eye, people can’t help but want to keep touching!

  • 3, dry hair:soft and shiny (grease)

dry In fact, most of the hair is made by myself! Frequent dyeing + no attention to care, will always toss the black long straight into a dry and frizzy party.

If you want to wash your hair smoothly without knotting or static electricity, you should choose products containing certain oils and other conditioning agents, such as silicone oil and vegetable oil, to protect your hair and prevent hairy scales from lifting. To reduce the evaporation of water from the hair and make the hair softer.

In addition, these ingredients in the formula table can also help you smooth your hair:

· Polyols:glycerin, propylene glycol

· Cationic ingredients:such as poly Quaternary ammonium salt

L’Oreal essential oil moisturizing care kit

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Reference price:134 yuan/700mlx2

Scent:fresh and elegant essential oil fragrance

Texture:delicate and even

Foam:dense and delicate and rich, fast foaming speed

Dense aroma of essential oil, as if to make dry hair a gentle SPA, the hair is especially supple after use, the repair effect is absolutely outstanding!

Listen to me, all sisters who have been burnt and damaged have bought it for me!

Honglu Care Set

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Reference price:152 yuan/500mlx2

Scent:Light Chinese herbal medicine

Texture:light yellow flowing texture

Foam:delicate and rich, fast foaming speed

Mainly restore the dyed and fragile hair, improve the fragile and split ends of the hair, and use the super hair Moisturize, never be a fried star!

  • 4. Dandruff type hair:deep cleansing (anti-dandruff ingredients)

Generally speaking, dandruff is keratinocytes that have lost their normal metabolism, but if you start”clear blizzard” and”itching more than the next day” after washing your head, you must pay attention to the shampoo with anti-dandruff ingredients了:

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· Zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, Clomiprazole and so on.

However, the anti-dandruff shampoo is only suitable for regular dandruff. If you often drop a bunch of dandruff or scalp redness and itching, you should report to the dermatologist in time!

Ka Shi Anti-Dandruff Purifying Shampoo

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Reference price:140 yuan/250ml

Scent:fresh and pleasant, as if you are in a fresh rain Garden

Texture:white paste

Foam:dense and rich and easy to foam

This anti-dandruff shampoo contains pyrithione that suppresses dandruff Zinc can prevent scalp keratinization and shedding, reduce dandruff formation, cooperate with salicylic acid to unclog pores, and double inhibit dandruff.

Although it is a bit expensive, the feeling of fresh and breathable scalp after washing the head will definitely make you feel worth it!

selsun anti-dandruff yellow bottle shampoo

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Reference price:48 yuan/100ml

Fragrance:Awesome aroma

Texture:a paste of the same color as the bottle cap

Foam:rich and fast foaming speed

This is Li Jiaqi’s anti-dandruff shampoo, which contains medicinal Selenium sulfide can suppress seborrheic dermatitis from the root, and it is good for dandruff and itchy head! Yellow bottle first aid anti-dandruff enhanced version, blue bottle dry neutral hair daily version, purple oily hair daily version, start on demand!

  • 5. Easy to lose hair quality:hair loss prevention (none)

I know that there must be countless”bald little babies” waiting for this Part! But do you really know whether you are losing hair or losing hair? !

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Data display It is normal to lose less than 100 hairs a day. Choosing a shampoo with fixed hair and preventing hair loss, you may be able to”make a miracle” by asking for psychological comfort!

But if every time you put your hand in your hair, you will tear off a few hairs painlessly, then there is a high probability of hair loss, please seek the help of a dermatologist in time, Don’t try to use shampoo to”reverse the fate”, ah!

Okay, today’s small shampoo class is coming to a close~ You can choose several models based on your hair quality, maybe you will find the one you are destined for, maybe Just one step closer to the female star!