“Don’t destroy Australia-China relations anymore” Australian National Agricultural Federation begs Morrison

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(Picture/Screenshot of”Australian Daily” website)

【Australian Net Gao Jiawen July 15 compilation report] Australian National Farmers Federation (National Farmers Federation) Chairman Simona (Fiona Simson) recently asked Prime Minister Morrison (Scott Morrison) not to make the breakdown of Australia-China relations”more serious.” She said Australian farmers are increasingly aware of the economic and trade threat posed by the tension between the two countries.

Australian Daily reported on the 14th that economic recovery after proposing agriculture-oriented new coronavirus In the blueprint, Simson said she was concerned about China’s tough wording on exports in recent months. She said at the National Press Club in Canberra on the 4th that the Australian government must remember how important China is to Australian farmers. She said:”China is one of our biggest markets… Now in agriculture, we notice the fact that we are likely to be disturbingly exposed to risks. We really need the government to ensure them Dealing with some difficult geopolitical issues. This is their job, but they need to understand how important this relationship is to us. We don’t want the relationship between the two countries to become more dramatic… We rely on the government to maintain this relationship as much as possible The stability of the country.”

At the same time, Simson said that although negotiations between the industries are ongoing, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has led to the closure of the global border, which has increased the federal government’s resolution of its largest trading partner, China. The difficulty of tension. She said:”Normally, if there is any misunderstanding, the government will jump on a plane and have some face-to-face communication, which can sometimes make up for some cracks. We are also ensuring that we can maintain these relationships at the industry and commodity levels. To contact our partners in China and ensure that we can continue these conversations. There is no doubt that our products are still popular with the Chinese people and are in great demand.”