“Double slit interference” experiment

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Is what you see must be real?

In our macro world, the observer and the observed person do not seem to be related, which is reflected in:if I don’t observe you, you change another form, and I re-observe you, and you Change back to its original form. Or that is because in the macroscopic real world, there are too many eyes watching you, so you have maintained the original form. This involves light’s &34; double slit interference experiment&34;.

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” What is the”double slit experiment”?

When we eject small balls out of a slit, a column of bullet marks will appear on the screen. When a slit is increased to two, it is two columns, which is the particle nature of the ball.

In other words, if we pass a light wave through a slit, a beam of light appears on the screen. And when two slits, magical things appeared, two bright columns and zebra crossings appeared on the screen. This is because when the light passes through the two slits, the crests and troughs cancel and interfere with each other, which reflects the light volatility. This experiment overturned the light particle theory that Newton ruled for more than 100 years.

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This experiment reflects the volatility of light and also leads to Light Quantum Theory by Einstein.

In the quantum world, all rules seem to be overturned, subverting your three views. Just like in the Marvel universe, the time course is in the 4th phase of the reunification, and the Avengers can actually travel through time and space through the quantum world. Similarly, this shows the uncertainty of the quantum world.

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Double The origin of the slit experiment

It all starts from the twentieth century. In 1961, Klaus Jonson did a electronic double slit experiment, let the electrons pass through the double slit with probability, and the same strong double slitinterference phenomenon appears at the top of the screen This proves that particles also have volatility.

This has caused scientists to have a whimsy that if electrons are emitted one at a time, will interference still occur? Sure enough, it appeared!

Does the electron interfere with itself when passing through two seams?

This time the scientist placed a high-definition camera, and the experimental environment was completely vacuum. Shockingly, only two beams of light appeared on the top of the screen, and the beams of zebra crossing behind disappeared! When the camera was removed, the zebra crossing beam appeared again. Are those electrons self-conscious?

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This makes scientists puzzled whether the experimental process is observed , Directly affecting the experimental results. Extending to our real world, are we observing the 13.5 billion light-year universe, will it be what we now think it is after we observe it? This breaks our world view, and people’s observations can determine the form of matter.

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And after that, further experiments were carried out, experiments As before, there is a complete vacuum and no camera exists. There is only a screen, and the result of the experiment is the formation of multiple beams of light. When the photon is approaching the screen, it flashes into the camera at high speed, but the screen instantly becomes two beams of light.

This is the famous theory of observers. Generally,”cause” determines”fruit”, and this experiment seems to tell us that”fruit” can also determine” because”.

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