Earning nearly 10 billion yuan for the UK? Megan claimed to be married to Harry and made 8.8 billion, which is more than a taxpayer’s contribution

By ddzyx

According to the Daily Mail report on July 1, Meghan said that her royal wedding with Prince Harry at Windsor Castle brought more than £1 billion in tourism revenue to the UK. She also said that in May 2018, the income from the wedding far exceeded the taxpayer’s contribution.

Last Sunday, the”Daily Mail” published an article that reproduced part of a letter from Meghan to his father Thomas Markle in August 2018. The High Court launched a discussion on this incident.

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British taxpayers contributed about 32 million pounds (about RMB 2) to this wedding 800 million), although church services, flowers, and receptions are all paid by the royal family. Most of them are funded by taxpayers, and most of them are spent on security measures, including the deployment of a large number of police forces to protect Windsor Castle, crowd control and restrictions on businesses.

Meghan’s legal team said they have confirmed that she is “a working member of the royal family, to a certain extent (relatively nominally) funded by the government.” Her lawyer also said that the royal family The wedding”is not actually funded by the government, but is privately funded by Prince of Wales Prince Harry, the father of Prince Harry.

However, consulting firm Brand Finance previously estimated that royal weddings will only boost the British tourism industry by 300 million pounds (approximately RMB 2.649 billion). Experts said at the wedding Only by taking into account other economic sectors such as retail and fashion, can the figure reach 1 billion pounds (about 8.8 billion yuan).

It is estimated that this will bring 1.05 billion pounds to the British economy ( About RMB 9.27 billion), including the public relations value of 300 million pounds (about 2.64 billion yuan), and the retail and catering industry of 250 million pounds (about 2.2 billion yuan). 150 million pounds (approximately RMB 1.3 billion) in the fashion industry, and 50 million pounds (approximately RMB 440 million) in merchandise sales.

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SU sale Windsor Mugs of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It is reported that this royal wedding brought 50 million pounds (about RMB

Airbnb said that people can get 12 million pounds (about 100 million yuan) from rental properties 5 million) revenue, and according to the British Beer and Bar Association data, extending the bar’s business hours means sales of about 10 million pounds (about 80 million yuan).

Brand Finance It also said that the royal family brings at least 2 billion pounds (about 17.66 billion yuan) of income to the British economy every year, from promoting endorsements to enhancing influence.

According to Money.com data, this The couple is worth about 24 million pounds (about 211 million yuan), and Megan has accumulated 4 million pounds (about 35 million yuan) of net worth from her acting career. William Prince and Princess Kate have signed a contract with a top speech brokerage company in the United States, which has a large number of top customers.

As After leaving part of the royal family, Harry and Meghan will make their own money, and it is expected that part of their income will come from giving a speech.

It is reported that the couple wants to pay attention to social issues, including racial and gender inequality, environment and Mental health. According to the Los Angeles Times, they have now signed with Harry Walker Brokerage. The association was founded in 1946 and calls itself the “World’s Top Speakers Association.” This New York-based institution already has a series of Celebrity avatars, including former US President Barack Obama and Clinton.

In recent months, Harry and Meghan have made video calls with charities they support and plan to launch their charity foundation, Archewell.

Prince Harry is working with Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV for the upcoming series. In early June, Meghan told graduates at her Alma Mater Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles Sad about the racial division in the United States, and expressed his feelings emotionally after the death of George Freud.