Earthman strays into the alien world

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The controversy between humans and aliens has been constant. As early as a hundred years ago, humans believed that aliens existed, and have already visited the earth, and there have been reports of aliens in human history. Many, in fact, from all aspects, human beings really hope that aliens really exist, because not only are all kinds of magical science fiction alien blockbusters, even many scientists think that aliens have been to Earth of.

It was still in 1899, when humans knew very little about various solar galaxies. The world just thought that the earth was a star in the universe. Jiatai came to a remote place by accident. It is better to be a paradise than a remote place, because the environment of this place is too beautiful, and the scientist also found that people living in this place are as good as people outside. Not the same, they are generally taller, and their limbs are longer, their eyes are very large and round, but this super-large eyeball looks a bit scary. In addition, Ao Jiatai also found A magical place where people living here have a very good knowledge of the solar system. At that time, Ao Jiatai knew only the surface of the earth, and actually did not know much about the entire universe, but by following People in this place communicated, and he found that what they said made sense, and he felt that he had benefited a lot after hearing it.

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Ao Jiatai who stayed in this place for two days thought to leave and return to his residence, wait for the information to be sorted out, and then come to visit the people here, but it is strange What’s more, this remote paradise can’t be found no matter how he finds it. He clearly remembered that he took this route at the time, but he didn’t know why, so many routes, all the right and wrong routes were gone, but the original was still not found. The place.

Ao Jiatai who came home frustrated just remembered, maybe these people are aliens in people’s mouths, maybe they came to earth in some way, and lived on the earth in a certain place that was not human If they find that they are aliens, they can make sense why they know so much about the solar system.

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Although all these statements are based on the personal experience of Ao Jiatai, there are no witnesses after all, so everyone is also doubtful about what he said, but there is one What has changed is that all the discoveries made by Ao Jiatai about the solar system have been confirmed to this day, and they are absolutely correct. This makes people more curious about the alien events. But at present, scientists say that aliens may really exist, but it should not be time before they visit Earth.

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