Eat dog meat to enhance heat resistance? Korean people wear balaclavas to protest the Dog Meat Festival and hold a”dog funeral”

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According to ABC News’ report on July 16, South Korea’s 16th-19th is”Dog Meat Festival“, love Dog people put on dog head masks and headgears to protest against dog meat consumption and held funerals for dogs.

According to the traditional Korean calendar, July 16-19 It is considered to be the hottest three days of the year in South Korea. Many Koreans believe that eating dog meat or chicken soup during these days can enhance their ability to resist heatstroke.

Early on the 16th, in a protest against dog meat consumption in downtown Seoul, about 20 activists put on dog head masks and hoods, holding the words”No edible food in the world.” The”dog” banner held an anti-dog meat rally. There are pictures of fresh fruits on the banner. Activists say that Koreans should eat fresh fruits to cool off in these three days, not dog meat.

They put it in front of a picture with dogs The white flower bowed and used it as a mock funeral. Activists held up a placard”Do not eat dog meat” with puppies in cages.

Dog meat consumption has not been explicitly banned in South Korea. As young people’s awareness of protecting animals increases, the business of dog meat restaurants is shrinking. A 2018 survey showed that about 80%of Koreans had not eaten dog meat in the previous year. But many people still oppose banning dog meat, because they think it is a sign of succumbing to Western pressure, and some older people think that dog meat can strengthen their bodies.