“Economic” 74m2 apartment in Paris 8th district, monthly rent 827 euros

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Paris, July 14th (Lujia) Paris is renovated and has completed 120 sets of society in eight districts Housing (HLM), Art Deco-style balconies and staircases, roof terraces covered with greenery throughout the building, the view is breathtaking.

According to the Parisian newspaper, on the 9th of this month, the deputy mayor of the Paris municipal government responsible for housing affairs, Ian Brow Ian Brossat and District Head Jeanne d’Hauteserre visited rue de Miromesnil at 26 rue de Saint-Petersbourg Three social housing renovation projects at 45, rue de Monceau (12).

Reported that 84 sets of social housing on St. Petersburg Road were built in the former site of the French National Industrial Property Association (INPI), the scenery is beautiful, and some apartments The church can be seen from the window, and the four-meter-high duplex apartment retains the original arched window design; the 12 apartments on Milomes Neil Road are located in a beautiful Ottoman building, with gorgeous ceilings, classical parquet floors and round Gate; 24 sets of social housing on Monsau Road were built in the former site of a school.

At present, most of these apartments are still vacant, but some have been allocated, and a few of them have moved here, such as Audrey ( Audrey). The single mother raising two children said that she had waited 15 years for applying for social housing. Earlier, she and two children, aged 4 and 12, were packed in a small apartment, and she and her son slept in the same room. Recently, when she received this proposal for a two-room, one-hall apartment on Monceau Road in the eighth district of Paris, she immediately agreed. When her file was accepted, she burst into tears with excitement. Audrey said that when she visited the apartment, she felt like she had won the Euro Million Lottery.

Wafaa, the mother of three, was also lucky to get a social housing, she is Paris City Hall The staff of span> waited only six months to get a 74-square-meter apartment in the eighth district of Paris, with a monthly rent of 827 euros.

Only 3.4%of social housing in the eight districts of Paris is one of the lowest proportions of social housing in Paris. Yana Taosser said,”The former governor believed that people without money should live elsewhere.” Ian Brossatt said that the balance between east and west of Paris should be promoted in Paris. The proportion of social housing in the 19 districts is as high as 42.1%.