Ecuador:China has been assured

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The Global Times reporter learned on the 15th from the Ecuadorian Embassy in China that the Ecuadorian government has recently held at least four meetings with the Chinese government regarding the detection of new coronavirus on the packaging of South American frozen shrimp imported from the country. Talks, according to Foreign Minister Louis? Gaegos said that Ecuador has assured China that it will perform”necessary procedures” to ensure the safety of the country’s products exported to the international market.

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According to the Director General of the Import and Export Food Safety Bureau of the General Administration of Customs of China Bi Kexin revealed at a press conference held on the 10th of this month, on July 3, Dalian Customs and Xiamen Customs detected new coronavirus nucleic acid positive from the outer packaging samples of frozen South American white shrimp produced in Ecuador. Related companies have been suspended Product imports.

The General Administration of Customs reported that for samples with positive detection, after nucleic acid sequence analysis and expert judgment, the test results suggest that the container environment and the outer packaging of the products of the three Ecuadorian companies are at risk of contamination by the new crown virus. Experts judged that the result of the detection did not mean it was contagious, but it reflected that the food safety management system of relevant enterprises was not implemented in place.

According to the news of the Ecuadorian Embassy in China on the 15th, on the 13th and 14th, the Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Trade and the Administrator of the China General Administration of Customs held two talks. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador also held talks with the Chinese representative to the United Nations and the Chinese ambassador to Ecuador, hoping to find a safe solution for the export of frozen shrimp in South America.

According to Minister Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Gaegos, Ecuador has assured China that it will perform”necessary procedures” to ensure the safety of products exported to the international market. He also said that under the framework of friendship and close relations between the two countries, this issue has been overcome and Ecuador will continue to develop friendly and cooperative relations with China.

Source:Global Times

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