Einstein’s prophecy came true? Scientists received mysterious signals from the universe 11 billion years ago

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Einstein is a great physicist who has made many incredible points in his life’s research field At that time, people thought it was unrealistic, but with the passage of time, many of his views have been verified one by one. It has further strengthened Einstein’s position in the physical world. No one can surpass it so far. Perhaps humanity needs to continue to verify his other views in the future.

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Signals outside the earth received by devices on the earth There are also many, because the planets in the universe are likely to collide or perform various reactions. These subtle signals can be captured by the earth’s equipment. In addition to these forms of changes, scientists are the most important The purpose is to capture the signals of civilization from outside the earth.

Scientists who were once in Canada received a signal from outside the earth. If it is sent between the planets, the extraterrestrial signals we received are not repeated, but very For a brief moment, however, the signals received by Canadian scientists are very repetitive and seem to be telling the earth something. In 1977, scientists also detected a radio signal, and after deciphering, they got”wow”! Because the signal has two horns in the process of receiving, but we only received one, so it is impossible to determine the specific location and source of this signal.

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Once in A quasar was discovered about 500 million light-years away from the earth 11 billion light-years away. We are continuously sending signals to the earth. We have also been successfully received. This time the reception of the signal may prove that Einstein once proposed Prophecy.

The greatest achievement of Einstein’s life was the creation of General Theory of Relativity, the emergence of this theory can be Used to describe the role of gravity. According to the general theory of relativity, under the action of matter, space-time is likely to bend, and other particles will move along the entire ground line in the curved space, as if they were affected by gravity. According to the general theory of relativity, Einstein once calculated the angle of light deflection after passing the sun, which was later certified in the observation of Eddington.

After Einstein once proposed the gravitational lens effect, quasars were observed more than 50 years later, proving that the gravitational lens effect does exist, and was resolved by the astronomical telescope when Einstein proposed it at the time The effect of observation rate is also very limited. Then the received signal of 11 billion light years away once again proved Einstein’s gravitational lens effect, indicating that this great physicist was highly predictable at the time, and has always had a comprehensive study in the universe. , And there was an accidental coincidence in the mysterious signal 11 billion years ago.

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This quasar looks at it and the foreground galaxies from the ground The degree of overlap is very high, so a very peculiar landscape is created, named Einstein’s Cross, even though this is a quasar with a background light source, this concept has been mentioned in Einstein’s prophecy. As a result, quasars are formed, and supermassive black holes are extremely active, and the results are at the very center of the entire galaxy. And the scenes we saw actually came from 11 billion years ago, when the universe was just born, galaxies and nebulae were very complicated, so they emitted such strong electromagnetic waves that after 11 billion years we It is still observable.

At present, human exploration of the universe can only be regarded as preliminary. After all, we have only just walked out of the earth. Most parts of the universe, we can only observe through the astronomical mirror, but cannot explore on the ground. For all kinds of wonders in the universe, you can only look at them from a distance, but not close. This is limited by our speed. Only in the future, human beings can develop spaceships capable of interstellar navigation. The speed can reach the speed of light or even exceed the speed of light to explore the mysteries deep in the universe. We look forward to that day!