“Electricity is dangerous!” In order to maintain social distance, an electric fence in a British bar prevents customers from approaching the bar

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【Global World Report】“Electricity is dangerous.” This is a special bar in front of a bar in St Just, Cornwall, UK Reminder.

On July 4, local time, bars in England were allowed to reopen. According to a report by CNN on July 13, despite the improvement in the epidemic, the bar owner still worried that employees or customers would be infected with the new crown by not maintaining social distance. So he came up with a way to install an electric fence in front of the bar to prevent customers from stepping over the mine.

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(CNN:”This is fear.” The British bar owner installed an electric fence to keep a safe distance from customers)

Reports that the boss’s name is Joan Annie McFadden. He told CNN,”This is a very small bar, the first and last country pub in Cornwall.”

Talking about the reasons for the electric fence, McFadden said,”In order to protect the staff, myself and my customers, (you) must set a rule to maintain social distance.”

At first, McFadden wanted to put some”ropes or chains” to ensure that customers kept a distance from the staff of the bar, but he did not find a suitable tool. In McFadden’s view, this would not deter customers, so he finally chose the electric fence.

Does the live fence really hurt people?

According to CNN reports, the electric fence in front of the bar is usually not really powered on, mainly placed here to prevent customers from approaching. McFadden said,”It is not powered, but it has achieved the desired effect. Everyone thinks that (it) has electricity, so they hide far away.”

When asked about the customer’s When responding to the electric fence, McFadden said:”This is quite funny. We are in a rural area, so everyone knows what the electric fence is. I (yet) hung a small sign on the (electric fence) and wrote ‘ There is electricity and danger.'”

Reports that after bars in England were reopened, at least three of them had been forced to close again due to a positive New Coronavirus test.

According to real-time epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 12:34 on July 14, Beijing time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United Kingdom has reached 291,691, including deaths. 44915 cases. (Reporter Hou Jiaxin)